A changing family system

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Traditionally,the Indian subcontinent has always favoured the joint family system,where the parents and grandparents would look after the children in the family,and they would all stay together under one roof and with one kitchen.The division of labour in this traditional family was quite simple and clear :the able-bodied men would be the bread earners of the family,the women would be responsible for the kitchen ,and the elderly would look after the cultural norms and preach values to the kids.



Today, modern INDIA has abandoned the traditional joint family system,partly out of necessity.In the present day,both the husband and the wife work.They may not live with their parents.This nuclear family takes the help of baby sitters and creches to look after the kids when the parents are away earning for the family.



On the positive side,since both parents work,the family income increases,leading to increased consumption and demand.The young couple have freedom and are no more subjected to a close supervision of the elders in the family.They can eat whatever they want,spend their money as they wish to,and live their life their own way.

The growing number of nuclear families has led to the problem of old,retired(and sometimes invalid) parents.The hard fact is that the family system of today is totally changed as it was in the past. 

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