A Child, a Syrian child

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Suddenly I woke up and look around I couldn't hear anything clearly it wasn't my mom who woke me up again, I looked out the window the sky wasn't the same blue and colorful I couldn't see the sun there wasn't any birds singing on the roofs and poles but the sky was angry it was dark and full of smoke there were people shouting and running everywhere.

I was scared and suddenly mom came and took my hand and said:"let's go, we have no time to waste", that is all I remember from that day when I opened my eyes I was in a medical center in a camp in a foreign country, I tried to find my mom, my dad, and my sisters and brothers but I couldn't, I wanted to cry but my eyes were so painful I asked Almighty God to take me out of this world because no body loves each other here, they are just trying to hurt themselves.

It was the story of a child that I imagined would go through this difficulties but I would like to address those calling themselves the peace keepers and guardians of justice please for God's sake stop this torture and help to have a beautiful and peaceful world where at least children feel safe.


Written by: Siawash Kasra


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