A Chinese Child’s Lung Cancer Is Linked to Pollution

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“A Chinese Child’s lung cancer is linked to pollution” yesterday reading this news I was dumbstruck. It is the world’s youngest cancer case related to the pollution. There have been younger one diagnosed with lung cancer but it is linked to the genetics. This shows the alarming situation the air pollution has taken

Environment is one the beautiful gift god has gifted to the human being but what are we doing with this marvelous gift. Every day human is manipulating it with its deeds. Have you ever thought every day how much carcinogens we are inhaling in the name of oxygen??? Half of the world doesn’t know about the term carcinogens

Carcinogens are the chemical particles which are directly involved in causing cancer many chemical substances which are emitted every day by transportation at the end product of combustion of fuel like hydrocarbons some time lead and the end product in the industries like benzene vinyl chloride used in making PVC possessed highly carcinogenic properties and affecting the man kind 

Most of the developed countries have high ratio of the Pm2.5 now what are Pm2.5 these are the particles filling the environment as pollutions these may be smoke dust or the pollutants from the industrial area mostly they are carcinogens. These can stay in the atmosphere for week and fine enough that our respiratory system can’t filter them. In china in the most industrial cities the ratio of PM2.5 level is reached up to 40 times higher than the level world health organization has recommended. In America one out of three people are getting affected by the PM2.5

Many safety measures have been taken by the industries to control the air pollution like absorbers are used. filters vapor condenser are used but these safety measures are not too much and we have to take action on national and international level

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