A city is a scary place

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Since I live my whole life in a city, I never really stop to think about how scary a city can be.


When I speak to some migrant workers, and they share their first year of working here, I start to see the city in a different light.


A city is full of busy people who have no time for anyone.


If you want to ask direction, and you want to make eye contact with a friendly face, you are out of luck.


Everyone is so busy with work, and other thoughts, and they do not see anyone else.


You just have to stop someone, and ask direction quickly.


A city has so many bus services, and train services, and you just have to know where you are going.  If not, you get stuck.


A city is a scary place for those who cannot read, and who has no money.


That means many young migrant workers who come from poor villages in other countries.

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