A Crypto Fund For Investing in Digital Currency

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CryptoFund is a digital currency investment fund where clients’ bitcoins are professionally traded in the cryptocurrency space. The Cryptomenteam, developers of Cryptofund, claim that it’s the world’s very first digital currency investment fund.

There will be many CryptoFunds, each named in tribute to space monkeys. The first fund is codenamed: Miss Baker. Each CryptoFund has a unique identifier, including unique wallet addresses that are displayed upon launch.

How It Works

Each fund has a 30 day funding period, where anyone can sign up and pledge their bitcoins (minimum .25). At the end of the funding period, deposits are closed and pledged funds are transferred to a secure trading system where the investment team launches the official trading period.

During the trading period, the participants can see how the investment fund is doing at any time, and chat with each other and the investment team. At the end of the trading period, all positions are closed and the final Bitcoin balance is transferred to a secure payout system. Then, individual proportionate share of the ending portfolio balance are calculated and sent to the participants’ deposit addresses.

Source: www.cryptocoinsnews.com/cryptofund-investing-digital-currency/

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