a day as a holiday with loving kids.

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we all were laying down on our bed when my youngest just jumped on my chest.he is of 7 years old lovely soul who knows i can refuse his demand.

so what is in your mind my loving son?i just asked."we all want to have trip to sea".he simply replied. ok! ok!.he was very happy to listen this and exclaimed"the great papa"

next morning we were ready to visit the beach that was not so far away from our home.we pick our lunch and other soft drink with us.all my kids wore shorts and they just began to play with the waves of sea.they were playing foot ball of the beach and were quite happy and looking very charming.

after tow hour they sit down on a mate and we enjoyed there fruits and soft drink.they were eating as if they did miss their breakfast.they were hungry enough to clean all the dishes and pot.

once again they start playing with new friend that they just introduced there.we stayed there till 12 and then returned back safely.


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