A Day At Aroma Beach Resort

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The view at Aroma Beach Resort


A Day At Aroma Beach Resort


Aroma Beach Resort is one of the known beach resorts in our place after the famous Ob-ob Hill and Beach has been closed and restricted to the public by the new owner of the property.

It's more than two decades already that I haven't visited the long shorelines of the Northeastern part of our town since I move out to the Metro. Three of the barangays there were fronting seashores and the entrance point of some rivers and one of them is flowing through our place in the Southern part of the municipality.

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Ob-ob Hill and Beach Resort View at the West

In September of 2014, I was invited by a friend from Japan to joined and accompany her and her daughter in their route vacation to Boracay and other tourist spots near our place. Our third scheduled place was the Aroma Beach Resort.

The interior road going to the resort is quite narrow but still passable for big vehicles. We safely reached the place at around ten o'clock in the morning. The ambiance is different and you can feel that you are already in the beach because of the cool sea breeze.

The open part of the shoreline is rocky with some dead corals. It's still good for swimming, preferably for adults only as kids might easily get hurt if ever they wont be extra careful. However, there are two swimming pools available for kids and for adults. They're also using strained saltwater from the sea for these pools to keep it authentic.


My Niece taking her pose with Ob-ob Hill as her background.


My Nephew on on top of a leaning arched tree near the resort seawall.


In lined near the pool are cottages made from native materials like nipa palm and bamboo where visitor can rent then for a day. There were also concrete villas for families and groups that would like to stay overnight or booked for longer vacation. It has also one function house and bar for various occasions and events that could hold a minimal number of visitors. Anyways some could stay in open air area as the place is not totally closed. The resort is quite improved compared to other nearby beach resorts in our town.


My Niece and Nephew's selfie moment when we arrived at the Aroma Beach Resort.

I brought my niece and nephew with me there. They often serve as my models for my photography. Well, I am not a strict photo artist although I am always giving them hard time in our photo-shoots. Ha ha ha!

I took some photos upon arriving in the resort to keep my subject fresh. The Ob-ob Hill at the Western part was the first that caught my attention. I had so many memories in that place especially during my childhood and teenage years. Actually, before my sister migrated to Canada, we had family bonding moments there, and I guess it was the last. After our high school graduation, me and my friends had also our farewell excursion there.


Taking the moment of having photographed on top the of the leaning arched tree.


Another angle of the Ob-ob Hill with the leaning coconut tree caused by the recent typhoon.


To make my time worthwhile, I helped in grilling some of the seafoods that we brought along with us like fish, shrimps and oysters. And of course pork barbecue is always present in the menu. It's quite hard to grill near the shore as the sea breeze is strong.

It was almost twelve in the afternoon when we're done cooking. We prepared the bamboo table for our lunch in time when the other visitors that she invited have arrived. They were distant families and friends who wanted to meet them. We have rented and occupied two (2) cottages because we cannot be accommodated in one big cottage.


Me at the grilling area cooking our food for lunch.


Our food now ready, spread over the bamboo table covered with banana leaves.


Well, after eating we had wine and tequila while few of the ladies and had few bottles of beer. We were not allowed to use the karaoke for the sing-a-long session because the whole resort has already been reserved for an event. It will start at six o'clock in the evening so, the staff will be busy in the preparation at four PM and nobody will attend to us.




My Nephew sitting at the edge of the swimming pool taking  after playing with the kids in the pool.


Me, my nephew and friends enjoyed swimming at the beach and in the pool. As expected I got sunburns especially that I stayed long in the open beach at hot sunny afternoon. My niece preferred staying in the cottage, listening to the music, browsing the net, enjoying the cool breeze of the sea.

We showered fresh water thereafter and packed up at around five o'clock. It was a tiring day but we all enjoyed the place. I will come back there again for sure in my next vacation. But for now, bye bye Aroma Beach Resort and see you soon.


Another photo of my niece at the seawall of the resort.

My nephew few meters away from the seawall to the open beach

Photo collage at the Aroma Beach Resort.

The clear water at the open beach of Aroma Resort.





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