A Dream I Just Can't Shake

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Last night I had a dream and it seemed so real that I actually woke up feeling pressure in my chest from it. I was dreaming that I was driving down the highway with my husband in the passenger seat. I was in the fast lane just following traffic when I noticed in my review mirror a man right behind me that kept waving at us. He had his hand out the window and was smiling and frantically waving his hand. He was driving a red car and he had dark hair with a small beard and mustache. It is so weird because I can still see his face and car as clearly as if he were in my sights right now. I told my husband he was waving and acting weird and when I looked back at traffic, it had slowed and I hit the car in front of us with such force that I felt the pressure in my chest and woke up. I told my husband that now if I see the crazy man in the red car behind me on the highway, I am getting into the slow lane. Have you ever had a dream like this that came true down the road?

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