A few questions about Base Buzz

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I have a few questions about Base Buzz, and I hope that Bitlanders can write a blog to help us understand more about the computation of Base Buzz.


1.       Why is Base Buzz reduced to zero for many users?

They sure have many contents, such as microblogs, videos and pictures.  Since they have content, the base buzz should not be zero.

Why is it reduced to zero?


2.       The second question is about the duration of base buzz for new content.

If I write 5 blogs on 1 May, and the base buzz increases due to the publication of the five blogs, will the increase be permanent or for a period of time?

If it is for a period of time, what is the duration that I benefit from the publication of the 5 blogs?

I hope I will benefit from the increase in base buzz for at least a month.  If it is three months, that is even better.


3.       Do longer blogs get more base buzz than shorter blogs?

If a blog is 1200 words, and another is 400 words, does the one with 1200 words get 3 times more base buzz?


4.       Does a blog with 400 words get more base buzz than a microblog with 60 words?

If yes, what is the ratio?


5.       I have seen many microblogs with just one word, is that counted for the compute of base buzz?

If not, then what is the minimum word count or character count?


6.       When a blog is reviewed, there will be a boost to the base buzz.

How long will the boost last?  If I get a boost of 21 base buzz, when will the 21 base buzz expire?

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