A First Time Experience with Cat Poop

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I woke up this morning never knew that there'll be some nasty thing that's going to happen. I was about to eat my breakfast. When suddenly a kitten (one of the litter of the stray cat that gave birth in our garage) Find it's way inside our house up to our dining area. Well, it's alright. But what's not okay with me was the fact that there's something in the kitten's butt part—a hanging poop! I got mad that time. I don't feel like eating my breakfast anymore. I shooed away all the cats within our garage because of my sudden anger. Talking about perks of having an animal inside your house, it is indeed a dirty work. I refuse to eat my breakfast anymore. I think of a way on how to clean the mess. I swept some poops under the shelves. I smell pee and cats scent. I dissolve a small part of Ariel solution with a water and spread it all over the place then mopped until all the affected area was spotless. After that sprayed some perfume.

It is just morning but for me, I did a very hard job back there. That was my first time to clean an animal mess. After that I searched Google for answers on the right way of cleaning so I will know if I did the right thing.

I found the most helpful article written by Celia Haddon of the website catexpert.co.uk which you can read some parts below: (visit her website to read the full article)


If you don’t clean it up thoroughly, the cat is likely to go again in the same spot. Clean up when your cat is not in the room. It may otherwise think its marks gets your attention! Consider redecorating after cleaning up if the spraying has been going on for a long time.

Never use bleaches or disinfectants. They smell like urine to a cat, so does anything pine, rose or lemon scented.

Use warm water with ten per cent solution of biological liquid or powder (called enzymatic detergent like Tide or Wisk in the USA).  Then rinse the area thoroughly in cold water and let it dry or dry it with a hair dryer if time presses.

Next spray or apply some other way surgical spirit (called rubbing alcohol in the US). Patch-test cleaning on a small area in case it removes dyes from carpets or polish from furniture. Use a nail brush to get this into fabric and crevices. This gets rid of the fatty residues that prompt a cat to top up his own marks. Dry this off completely. Do not let the cat in the room while using surgical spirit as they usually dislike the smell of it and may therefore spray on it, undoing your hard work!

Mark each cleaned site with something – a little paper spot bought from stationers perhaps. Just so you know what you’ve done and what you haven’t. If the cat has been spraying a long time, some people clean room by room: others set aside a morning and do the lot in one go.

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