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 Many of our traditions and customs, celebrated across the globe actually originated in Germany. Quite a fun fact isn’t it? Well, I thought it was quite fascinating upon finding out that many of our traditions beyond Oktoberfest, including Christmas carols, Christmas traditions, and a multitude of Easter traditions began with this splendid country.

 I was looking through all of the cool descriptions regarding the German culture on HowStuffWorks and I found that our traditional Christmas custom of gingerbread and advent calendars actually came from Germany, thankfully so. The smell of gingerbread during Christmas-time is absolutely heavenly, not to mention the fun and colorful gingerbread houses.

That’s not all. The Germans also developed many of the Christmas carols we sing today including “Silent Night” and “O Christmas Tree”, some of my favorites to be honest. But if you’ve been bad this year, you have much to fear, the wrath of KRAMPUS!

 If you end up on Santa’s naughty list, you won’t just get a lump of coal for a present, as celebrated by most Western nations, rather Krampus, a demonic creature who accompanies Santa will come and punish you for your poor behavior (tsk tsk).


 But it doesn’t stop there! Lucky for all of us, Germany also began a series of Easter traditions including the one and only Easter bunny that was originally mentioned in German writings way back when, in the 1500s.

 Germany also takes credit for the super sweet Easter traditions such as egg hunts, fun-filled Easter baskets and tasty Easter bunnies filled with chocolaty goodness. Basically, we have a lot to thank for Germany, seeing as they’ve practically defined two national holidays celebrated in a multitude of countries worldwide.
 Now if you live or are planning on visiting Germany anytime soon, I would definitely propose getting to know someone who is about to get married, and soon. We have some really amazing wedding celebrations where typical weddings can last three days, easily.  Germany really knows how to party.

 The best part of it all is you get to bring old dishes and throw them at the feet of the newlyweds, for good luck of course.

 So, next time you’re celebrating Easter or Christmas, tell your loved ones the origins of these traditions; not only will they be impressed but also fascinated by your divine intelligence, trust me. 

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