A great story about friend..

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Once story about three friends. They all are friends when they were little. They all do fun with each other. And they are also intelligent. They all are like brothers. When they are adult they take their decision. Once a time one friend has get new job. And he was so excited. Other two friends are feeling alone. That friend earns money and lives happily. At a time he got a proposal from a girl.

That girl was said I really love you. And I wait for your answer. He could not understand she just love his money. Then he accepts her proposal. After that the girl just wants to shopping and also buy other things. At a time his savings was finished. That time he again misses his friends.
Then he wants to suicide. And last time he call his girlfriend and say I will be gone are you want to go with me, girl said I am busy now, you come back soon take care. Then he call his old friend and said the same sentence, his friends said just wait my friend I want to join with you. That time he realize his friends is his life.

Great friends are hard to find, Difficult to leave, impossible to forget,
Good friend are like star you do not always see them, but you know they are always there.

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