A Guide In Need Of A Guide

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Do not inquire what aroused my interest
About a vocation I once detest
With a sudden turn about and around
Of my innermost curiosity that abounds.

I once mocked and taunted tour guides
Looking down on them as loafers
Their gaits and carriage I perceived as prides
Rating them as unneeded human-chauffeurs.

Until greed and depression took the better of me
Force-tracking me to enroll in a strange terrain
Exposing my amateurish-lead like an unrehearsed glee
Opening up my dignity to suspicious bane.

A group of ten tourists from Japan, my first victim
Speak neither English nor Thai in a bus from Siam
We embarked on a tour of the suburbs, Safari World
With me as a blind guide leading a train of blindfold.

To him who knows not where he goes
everywhere looks the same, hues
meandering like a troubled tributary
perambulating like a misguided missionary
rigmarolling like a sprained merry-go-round.

My train weary, tired and disgruntled
with a message of hunger and rumpus
I confessed my sin as a confused compass
as I become a guide in need of a guide.

I yelped for help on this ride
looking for a local for a lead
to Safari World, my somber heart bled
I consented to the offer of a guide.

But how do I get my pay!!!

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