A Guide To Help You Break Through Resistance And Start Getting What You Want

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You know the first time I ever read something on the law of attraction I thought that they were speaking of some sort of magic. I really believed that all I had to do was close my eyes and imagine certain things and they would appear like magic. This isn’t how things work though. I believe this is one of the primary reasons people become frustrated with LOA material. In many cases a lot of what you read just doesn’t sound like it would really work and this leads to all sorts of problems. For starters you might be afraid to let anyone else know you were using it.

If you really thought that you had something that could really work for you, then wouldn’t you want to share it with as many people as possible? Well some of the methods you find mentioned in conventional LOA material just seems impractical. You need a guide that’s designed to show you how to attract the things you want into your life in a more realistic way. This is what the Manifestation Miracle guide provides. We like it because it really gives you a framework you can work off of in order to start making real positive change in your life.

The reason why we believe LOA guides on the market try to make themselves sound magical is because they underestimate the intelligence of their audience. People who purchase these kinds of items want something that’s going to make them feel better, not worse. Knowing this what some makers will do is make it seem like their guide is the magic pill. In the process you read some of these guides and its just hard to take any of them seriously. Once you see that things aren’t working for you the way you hoped, then you give up on them.

Manifestation Miracle is a guide that tells you the honest truth about what you have to change in order to experience real breakthroughs. Are you thinking negative thoughts. Are you controlled by fear? Are you closed off to receiving certain things because you have trusts problems. Do you suffer from low expectations? All of these are forms of fear, which create resistance. Even if the universe were trying to send you the things you want, you’d be too afraid to receive them. Think of it this way. The person who says they want more money right? If you want more money, then you need a way to make more money.

Now if you make more money you’ll be able to build a different life for yourself. You’d be able to take care of those around you better. You’d be able to purchase luxury items and the like. What if you lose the money. What if you get sued. What if people try to take advantage of you or accuse you of changing once you have money? What about the new tax bracket you belong to? What about investments and finding ways to protect your money? All of these are things that will go through your head and this creates resistance. The person who doesn’t think these things and somehow comes into money probably won’t have it for too long.

This is just one example of how people create resistance in their lives without even knowing it. The Manifestation Miracle can help you get a clear understanding of what kind of energy you need to create certain change. It doesn’t just give you general information. It gives you complete methods you can apply each day in order to start seeing a difference. This is required in order for you to truly believe that this guide can work for you. Conventional LOA stuff just doesn’t do this, but this guide is anything but conventional.

Understand that if it were as simple as just thinking about something in order to bring it into being, then everyone would have a perfect body. Everyone would be rich. Everyone would be driving expensive cars and living in big houses. Everyone would have everything they want. But the universe doesn’t make it so easy. It creates tests for people that they have to overcome in order to prove they really want it.

In most cases the test is fear, and all the forms of resistance that come from it. This would be doubt, distrust, uncertainty, anxiety, you name it. Once you can deal with the things that cause resistance, then you’ll be surprised at the changes you can make. This is what the Manifestation Miracle does a good job of showing you. And it does this in a very practical way that’s going to make sense to you. All you need to do is believe in what’s being said and be consistent with applying it.

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