A healthy body in a healthy mind

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sometimes because of financial problems and personal stress we do not realize how much we can get sick and then all we who have suffered
  to have a healthy body first must have a healthy mind
So follow these tips
so not
  Try not to get so much more stressed will first focus on the most important things
  not work more than indicated above effort will not make you sick
so yes

Take a break when you feel tired much
when you breathe deeply stressed 3 times to calm down put your priorities before
when you come home from work professional issues leave baggage at the door 

  spend more time with family
playing sports as often as possible
enjoy walking in the park
next thing you need to know a healthy body in a healthy mind

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My self usman ali and interested in politics and every kind of talk shows also search about famous peoples and now i am doing BS honor in electrical.

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