A Hug

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Biology invigorated by Chemistry and empowered by Geography
infuses us with a plethora of poignant sensations, embraced by
the velvet of tenderness and clasped in the arms of monogamy.
My heart is made of metal and yours, my virtuous bride, of magnet.
Evocative and provocative energy enmeshes our nostalgia. 
Conjugal ripples from the surface of our skin rush through our veins
into our deepest depths until reciprocal osmosis becomes orgasmic.

The wind is tired of its futile attempts to get between us.
You are the gloves on my hands and the paint on my wall.
Squeezing and teasing, huddling and cuddling, unifying and satisfying- 
tangled together in the tranquil tapestry of inseparability.
I have captured the warmth of the sun and the romance of the moon, 
and gift wrapped them with my own heart and tears just for you.
Drip drop, drip drop, until you are enveloped in the ocean of my love. 


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Born In pakistan April 1978

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