A Letter for our Beloved President

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Dear Mr. President:

As father of our nation, this is the only time I shall declare myself as a bastard Filipino. Today, I have decided with all my heart to disown you. My brothers and sisters feel the same way. We will move on without you. We have a better future without you. We waited for you yesterday in tears when our dead brothers arrived from the very ground where they were all massacred. You were nowhere to be found and we wondered where you were. We wept some more when we found out that you were in Laguna to inaugurate a car manufacturing plant. Are Japanese vehicles more important to you than Filipino policemen? You embarassed us when you showed your rudeness in front of our guest Pope Francis. How much longer will you embarass us? How much longer will you let us down? We are angry. We've had enough of your empty words and grand lies. Today, we disown you as father of our nation. Please go, and go as far as you can and bring with you your blind followers. We don't want them as well. You are not the father of this land we love.

Today, I am a proud bastard Filipino. Today, we are all proud bastard Filipinos.


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