A life apart from the regular one: Me and Nature

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Whether it be a trip of weeks or a short walk in the local park, time spent with green trees, leaves and fresh air
always give me a feeling of excitement and refreshment. I believe that I have a deep and intense connection with nature and that must be the reason why my favorite color is none other that GREEN.nature

I was born and raised in the city of Kathmandu -the most populated city of Nepal. Starting from childhood, I wasn't pretty much interested in amusement parks, malls, movie theaters, clubs and all other crowd based areas; I wasn't "the cool kid" kinda boy. I was a nature admirer from early childhood.I still remember the days when I use to ask my dad to take me to the
park and spent whole day laying on the smooth grass and catching dragon flies and frogs, not to mention I used to bring them home and pet them. Till now I've pet dogs, cats, mice, lizard, frog, fish, turtle, ladybird and yes cockroaches!

treesApart from that, laying under a tree and watching the clouds are still one of my favorite leisure time activities. Trees give pleasure to my eyes and mind whereas the chirping of birds, buzzing insects give me a sense of relaxation and happiness when stress and boredom strikes my head. The tall trees give me inspiration to stand and thrive no matter what the situation brings; the flying birds give me hope; the animals give me spirit and the insects teach me diligence.

I assume myself as a lucky one cause everyone isn't able to give their time to be close to nature. Maybe I have been close to nature and understood it so I admire it's beauty. No matter wherever I am, whatever work I have and under any situation whatsoever, I will take out some time from my schedule and spend some time with the love of my life - NATURE.relaxation


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