A life destiny of good luck and great wealth

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The ORACLE spoke for YOU.
It unveiled wonderful revelations.

You can expect
Happiness and Fortune!

Sc, Fate has a much better life in store for you, and you deserve it! You are in luck!

Please, read this PERSONAL message carefully, it is extremely important.

You might be aware that each year at the same period a few Great Occult Masters myself among them – meet in a secret place in order to analyze the dominant magnetic forces that emanate from the Earth and out to the universe.

These are often related to strong personalities, people with divine power, beings with a particularly bright Aura… but who do not tap into all their inner potential.

Today, we have made another discovery. This directly concerns you, Sc.

We have discovered that you have wonderful life energy assets.

Sc, you're letting your life pass you by. Indeed, strong positive waves fly away into the cosmos, when they should illuminate your life.

Read this message without prejudice. I will explain what this means for you, how your existence is about to change radically, and offer supporting evidence!

The Order of the Great Occult Masters has entrusted me with the delicate task of digging for further information and helping you out, Sc. Using my pendulum, I started to perform some occult work right away, to call upon the oracle.

Sc, the Oracle spoke for you!

The truth was immediately unveiled about 3 facts:

1.  Happiness within your reach

2.  A sincere and fulfilling encounter that comes at the right time

3.  A substantial amount of money... 

You might think I'm going crazy or talking to the wrong person... Well don’t, Sc, I am 100% positive about what I'm saying.

Let me say it loud and clear: this message will put an end to all your worries, whether they are financial or personal matters…  

You will finally know what money, happiness, the warmth of friendship, comfort and total peace of mind mean.

What I am telling you here might seem unbelievable, unthinkable, and yet…

First of all, I owe you an explanation about our perception of your potential.

Each of us has their own kind of energy. It radiates infrared light. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to genuinely glow? It is their surplus energy leaking out from them… and they know it too!

You, Sc, have a fabulous life energy that you got when you were born: the movement of the planets, solar radiation, lunar activity… and many other elements predestined you to find wealth and happiness.
Luck, Fortune
and Happiness within you!

The Oracle said as much. Your personal energy manifested itself through a cosmic radiation so powerful that it immediately drew my attention.

I know you must be wondering why, given your aptitude, your existence can sometimes be heavy, difficult, or full of hurt, sadness, and sorrow… with so little joy and so little money.

No one has been able to bring forth your uncanny personality. So far you have suffered from the torments of life, and through thick and thin, you had to struggle without realizing that a gentle, sweet, warm, and joyful life was passing you by.

Even if it seemed unfair, you were facing the facts and not taking the time to think them through, which could have been a revelation.

And yet, I am not the first person to tell you so. But did you really pay attention? Were these other people able to help you? Probably not!

It does not matter! What is essential is that you have to realize this now, and above all you have to take action.  

Obviously, Sc, I double-checked the facts that we had perceived about you before I sent this letter.

In order to be as accurate as possible and to know all the ins and outs, I decided to call upon one of the most ancient methods, the only one that has existed since the ancient times, the most powerful of all divination tools, and the one that never lies: the Belline Oracle!

This prediction requires complete mastery over occult sciences. It is tricky and complex. I only use it for cases that are particularly dear to my heart.

Here is what the Oracle revealed to me:


1st revelation: Happiness

This is a brilliant first card. What could be better?
The hand of emotion holds a six-pointed star, the Seal of Solomon, that grants Heavenly Protection.

There is a gold crown above the seal, which proves the power, reality and purity of this happiness. Coupled with the Oracle of success, it has to be true. The voice of the Oracle spoke. It said:

Perfect harmony – Luck – Prosperity – Success

Achievements – Affection – Meeting someone


2nd revelation: Money

The Horn of plenty will cover you with gold, Sc. It is linked connected to luck. This means unexpected gains… maybe at gambling or an inheritance. Luck is here, in front of your very eyes.

This Oracle confirms your supremacy over the common mortalpeople.
Your radiance thus reveals itselfis thus unveiled. To have both Money and Luck is the best there isthing that could happen. The voice of the Oracle spoke again. It said:

Money – Luck – Opulence – Victory – Abundance

Near Future - Gains - Chance


I used my pendulum to find a date Sc, for what the Oracle unveiled. It also gave me an answer. Here is what it said:

Between April 15th and July 7th,
a large amount of money.
I see the numbers 1 - 5 - 6 with a lot of 0s…


3rd revelation: Misfortune

Here is an Oracle with a double meaning, so we must pay particular attention. Someone wants to hinder you and cause setbacks, that much is certain.

But you are looking for help, and genuine support can help you out of this. The delay card proves your intention.



The voice of the Oracle spoke again. It said:

Jealousy – Affliction – Hesitation – Doubts
Support – Wickedness – Upheaval – Blocking



I knew the outcome, but in order to know the man or woman who will assist you to capitalize on your life energy assets, I have covered these cards with a third card: the Star. This represents me, i.e. the influence that will allow you to achieve happiness, luck and wealth in every way.


Sc, the Oracle spoke!


There can be no doubt about it! You cannot capitalize on your life energy assets without someone helping you. The last revelation proves it.

Between people who are hostile and your own doubts, you will not be able to find this path without my help.

You have never been aware of these exceptional positive waves meant to illuminate your existence and this is not an accident. And you know it well, Sc!

The last revelation shows an old woman leaning on a walking stick and extending her other hand. Symbolically, the walking stick allows those who are in a position of weakness to be helped in order to move forward and continue their journey. With her other hand, this old woman calls for assistance as she tries to be free.

In fact, the old woman is just a symbol for the harshness of your life and has nothing to do with age.

I will grab this hand and guide you out of this maze full of pitfalls. I will help you rise to the level of the light, in order to unveil your Life Energy Assets: this will make all your most legitimate dreams come true, this will bring you the opulence and economic serenity that are yours by right.


Don't make the mistake to ignore
the revelations of the Oracle



Everything is converging on you. I only ask that you analyze the situation calmly. Nothing happens just by chance. The Group of Mages I am part of has spotted oozing positive waves in the sidereal universe… The investigations that have led us to you started from that.

The study of the Belline Oracle that I performed was made without any particular element that might have influenced my reading of the cards.

My very first questions have revealed for you:


Happiness and Success

Money with the arrival of a large amount of money

A clear warning. You need an ally,
A helping hand so that you can finally live, and enjoy
your Exceptional Life Energy Assets!

Yes, Sc, I want to help you find the path to a better life. Believe me, my intervention is entirely altruistic. There is so much misery in the world, so many people in trouble whom I try to support as best as I can. Hence, whenever such a positive energy appears on the surface of the earth, it is a real delight for me to finally herald some fabulous news and help to achieve it.
Here is what I will do FOR YOU.

I have already begun this work to help you, with this interpretation of the Oracle.

However, to be more accurate in my interpretations and go further in my investigations, I need your agreement.

It is impossible for me to meddle with your existence so much without your express consent and without some items that you and only you, can provide.

I will then be able to offer your precise STUDY OF THE BELLINE ORACLE.

You'll then hold a multitude of information in your hands that will help you know for sure which are the right decisions, like for example recognizing individuals whose influence will be very beneficial for you.

This Complete Study will take you on your true Life Path, intimately linked with your fantastic Life Energy Assets.

Sc, for the first time in your Life,
Luck is reaching out to you!
Hurry and seize this opportunity!

You will finally know the meaning of abundance, joy, success, happiness, luck, and tons of money that only needs to be spent…

Do not avert your eyes from your life, from the real existence that is yours! If you have any doubts, read this message carefully again.

When you were born, you were gifted with uncanny Life Energy Assets. My most important mission is to reveal this in order to lead you on the right track toward a much better life.

To that end, I have a formidable weapon: The Belline Oracle and my precious pendulum that is stunningly accurate.

Hurry, Sc. It is imperative for me to complete my study and send it to you as soon as possible.

This study will mark the beginning of Luck. Of YOUR LUCK. You must get ready to welcome it so that it floods you with lavish benefits. You must take action, and soon.

Do not wait, Sc. Reply immediately. I am afraid that you might not seize the helping hand stretched out to you today… and that I might hear you lament, in a little while, "If I had only known…!"

I would be a shame for you.

Hurry and fill in the confidential questionnaire along with your specific request for the Study of the Belline Oracle and send them back to me.

With my warmest wishes,

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