A light purse is a heavy curse (2)

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Those who are not even remotely connected are given rousing reception and are ushered then into a very a very special room in the house, disregarding their source of income or qualification.we observe our blind love for moolah in our daily life in a variety of gatherings and social interaction. We all know a person a DON living among us. But we all try to cover up all his failings and blemishes even we misquote form the Holy book and Prophet's sayings to prove him innocent. We are all praise for him on the other hand a person who has lived his whole life with us we know his character but then in the same breath we attribute his wordily failures to fate and destiny or eays of lord beyond our comprehension. We never believe in what we say in the heart of our heart we worship moolah individually and collectively.

Now our standard of morality if you are a scion of elite class and you do silly, immoral rather in human acts people around will iterpret how straight forware, daring, naive and unaffected he is. If he abuses we say how sweet his abuses sound. We wish he could keep abusing us. If he commits some serious act we chip in "who would call a child a child if he does not make such a mischief. But if a poor man's son does anything wrong that makes our bloog boil, we lose temper and try our best to prove that we are the best practicing Muslims," we try to make that poor fellow and example for others. Being in a 5-star hotel and educated person. But the same act is done in slum area the poor fellow will face the music to be known as the most ill-bred, ill-discipline and immoral.

May Allah help us to be realistic.
But a Light Purse is of course a heavy Curse.

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