A little frustrated.

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So far I love what i see here in bitlanders, although I do find it difficult here as i see very little in the way of genuine interactions. Just a lot of people asking other people to buzz or subscribe to them which is a shame, as I feel the potential of this site is being wasted in the chase for short term gains.

I'd spend a lot more time here interacting if more people used this as a chance to interact, to learn more about each others lives, interests and talents. I fear if the current trend to spam for buzz and subscriptions continues this great site will be lost.

This isn't a complaint, it's more of a plea to anyone out there who wants genuine connections to get in touch. I'll confess maybe part of my trouble is that i only speak English but i will happily use this site as a chance to learn.

What about you? Do you want to see more interactions or are you happy to milk the site dry?


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it doesn't always take a long time to tell a story, My goal here 1 sentance 1 story.

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