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Superman Returns picks up the story were Superman II left off, it begins with the return of superman following a mysterious several years absence. The movie is an almost exact remake of the first Superman movie, with bigger budget and of course extraordinary special effects. Brandon Routh fills superman's shoes perfectly, as he plays the clumsy reporter ClarkKent/Superman. Kevin Spacey also plays a very good Lex Luthor The movie is basically a love story, which is very strange considering that this is a Superman movie, while of course the romance between Superman and Lois Lane is an important part of the story, still not the whole movie should be based on it.

Superman is torn apart because he feels that the people don't need him anymore, and plus that he finds out that Lois Lane has a child. For the better part of the movie Superman is confused and depressed which doesn't always work, I mean what I expected from a new superman movie is great action sequences and an exciting plot, but unfortunately that didn't happenWhile the movie is not all bad, it's just a normal movie, not what you'd expect from a superman movie. Bryan Singer did a really great job on the
visual aspect of the movie, the scenes are shot very well, but he is to blame for the more than normal script.
 The bottom line is that Superman Returns is a good movie, but not great. It just opens the path for hopefully a better sequel. 

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