A Man to Dog Conversation

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A Man to Dog Conversation

Dogs are man’s best friend, they say. They are very loyal and are the only animals that will love you more than they love themselves. And we, dog owners tend to talk to them, like they are our baby. Those who will see us will think it’s cute, the way we baby-talk to them. But do you know that they can actually understand us, and that they can also talk back to us? You’ll think I’m crazy by saying this but I’m telling you, I perfectly know what I’m talking about.

They may not speak to us by our language— human language, but they can show us that they perfectly understand what we’re saying to them. And they do know how to tell us what they want to tell us. A perfect example of that is when they want to go out for a walk. They will sit down in front of you; look at you with their perfectly round puppy eyes while wagging their tails. And when you ask them or stand up to ask what they want, they will then run to the main door and run back to you like they want you to follow them and you’ll know exactly what they are talking about. That’s how they speak to their owners. Isn’t that cute?

Do your dogs know how to speak to you too? Do you understand them? I’ll love it if you can tell me your own experience.

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