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“Science Is Not Belief But Will To Find Out”.

The mobile phone a wonderful invention is latest gift of Science to man. A mobile phone is very small instrument but performs very big function. It is in fact an improved version of landline phone and unable us to talk to anybody in any part of universe. It makes conversation possible weather we are travelling by a Car, Bus, Train or an aero plane.

This phone has receiver tremendous response from people all over world. It is used by business man remain in constant touch. With the Customers, branch officers, field workers and all other associates. Who are officiated to them. All most all big cities of world are connected with mobile network. Mobile phone has played a vital ride especially whenever there is an emergency such as Accident, a Robbery, a Murder of certain serious illness. Today we find more or less every man Woman and college going students making use of mobile phone even school going children have started use of mobile phone the latest mobile phone facilities. They can be used have increase in making interest facilities available at mobile phone.

However mobile phone has also added to criminal activities and it is used by criminals and underworld from any place at anyone.

In Modern time many Boys and Girls are negative used of mobile phone. So they have created many problems. First of all they waste their time and if they are student then they disturbance create in their studies, and loss of money.

So I Advised that especially for student please concern on their studies and make a noble man in their life.

“Science Is Organised Knowledge


Wisdom Is Organised Life”.