A "Movie Pitch" (This is suppose to be silly)

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A man a woman a very strange pet. What happens when a man go on a romantic hike with his girl? He proposes to her. But they come back engaged with a 3rd member of the soon to be family and I’m not talking about an unborn baby. When these two went out to tie the knock they came back with an unknown animal. What they didn’t know is that the creature they took home and learned to love should have been extinct a million years ago. With suspicions rising about what this couple is hiding in their house. Can they stay together, and take care of a pet that they came to love. Watch the shenanigans unfold when these two try to stay together and keep this pet safe. Join the fun this November in ‘True Love, with a Pet.’  


By Josh Presuto

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My name is Josh Presuto and have a burning passion for film. PostProduction is my craft I am certified in Final Cut, Adobe After Effects and, Premier. I am also starting to learn Avid. I've been making and editing my own videos since I was ten and will continue to…

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