A must read emotional story

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I was here, alone… stranded in this cruel world. Tears continued to stream down my face; my eyes got all puffy and red. But… But there was no one. No one to wipe my tears. No one to say "U okay? don’t worry, I am here” Simply put, I was truly alone. Everything seemed blurry, my life, my future...everything. I had always felt empty but today was something else. Today I was truly broken Today… Today I felt pain. I thought I was numb, but ...... i felt pain. My body didn’t really hurt.. just two things did.. My heart and… and my soul

There he was.. smiling.. he was a picture of true happiness… He was enjoying his life like nothing happened. Like he did nothing to me, like he was the most purest person…

And then there was me. Pain, it was the most familiar thing…Suffering, was like my best buddy, always there…

I.. I should have moved on.. but this .. this love made me hold on.. I, my heart didn’t want it to go Now.. Now I want to scream Scream as loud as my lungs allow… To put all my sadness in my screams… cry and scream hard and ask him… ask him why? WHY... !!!!!? WHY did u to this to me? Why why why .. WHYYY!!!? But.. But i know…I know what will be his answer,.. "IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT. I DIDNT DO ANYTHING." . And i can’t.. I just can’t hear the same thing again and again. I can’t take it anymore. I would die if i hear it again.. because it rips out my heart when I hear it..

Well, it was my fault i guess… Loving you, Sacrificing for u, it was my fault.. It was foolish of me. I didn’t know what you wanted from me.. wat u really desired but i know one thing. I know one thing for sure. You, YOOOUUUU, you only wanted to ruin me from the start U wanted to make me suffer didn’t u?

And Stupid me.. I let you ruin me.. i let you tear me apart… I let u shred my heart into pieces I let you to hit me hard and I let you to murder it… Yes u murdered it. My happiness, u killed it, u ripped out all of the good feelings of me and Today I was murdered too . I am like a dead girl now. I am here, but my eyes r lifeless.. my soul… it is dead "


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