A New Day In The Eyes Of Afghan Superheroes Part Two by Matthew Gudwin

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Part One


This is Part Two of A New Day In The Eyes Of Afghan Superheroes.  Below is the second drawing that I based this story on. Enjoy.  



Enter new dream


     The nine-year old girl looks behind her, and in fact in all directions as she walks with her younger sister to school.  Today, as always, she is fully dressed and covered when leaving her house and caution is a must.  Her sister is dressed a little more casually and states “What is wrong with you today?” Looking around as she walks our character listens but only hears the sounds of children’s footsteps in the distance and the wind as it blows smoothly across the land.  She enjoys this wind, the type that can move as you go instead of taking charge such as “The Wind of 120 Days.”  They approach a schoolhouse close to their home and our character notices several other schoolgirls entering, including a female teacher.  She runs up to the teacher and states, “What’s going on? Are you not afraid?” The teacher replies, “What’s to be afraid of? This is just school?” The girl replies to herself  “Just school?”  Looking inside she takes one step before someone talks into her ear from behind her. She jumps, turns around and notices it is just her younger sister who states, “Well are you going to go inside?” Our character replies “Don’t do that, you scared me”.  Inside she and the rest of the class full of young girls sit.  The teacher exclaims “Okay class now everyone bring out your textbooks, writing pad, pencil and last night’s homework.” Our character looks around at the class as everyone has actual school supplies and homework.  Without much of these desired tools, she looks inside her desk only to find them there.  She looks up and smiles.



Enter last dream


     Before bed she writes something in her journal.  She begins to light the candle but decides not to and gets into bed.  As she falls asleep she is smiling.




     The girl wakes up from her dream. She remembers that she had written something on a piece of paper, something symbolic and very important to her.  The previous day was unreal in her mind and the only way to know for sure if she was dreaming or living was the written note.  As crazy as it may seem some dreams are sometimes too real to tell until you are awake.  In reality she always kept a journal by her bed for her thoughts but mainly for her dreams. This journal contained drawings of hero’s who she wished would come to rescue everyone from the turmoil that existed. These drawings are important to her because she needed hope. Everyone needs hope.

     On the piece of paper is indeed a message and it states. “Today was a great day. One I will never forget. But guess what, tomorrow will be even better.”  She looks out her window and into the sky, no sounds of bombs or guns, just birds chipping and a lite breeze.

The end.


     Additional Superhero stories will follow with interviews and insights into this project.  Comment below on what you think and feel about these issues regarding the inequality and social problems Afghanistan women face in their country. 




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