A New Old Film....

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Here it is, the KINO EXPOSED FESTIVAL screened "How Things Should Be" is finally on Film Annex.

I wrote a blog earlier explaining the situation with this....It's a film which I lost all the files to and it has took me forever and a day to find it. Luckily, I dug out my old laptop and noticed that I left the DVD disc in the tray and here we are.... 

The film didn't get the promotion it deserved at the time so now I want to re-release, and make it via Film Annex.

I hope you enjoy!!


  •  This was my first ever film I directed and wrote to direct myself 
  • It was shot on a SONY EX-3
  • There is a heavy loss of quality because of the film having to be taken off a DVD then re-exported via Premiere Pro. (sucks)

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