A New Pay To Write Site Again??

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Checking my email this morning for the reason that I forgot again my passwords for like the 100 time today. Hahaha! - An email caught my attention. I know it is something so I clicked and read it. Then I realized it was another, "pay to write" sites. Duhh. I'm tired and sick of  fraud sites that doesn't do good to aspiring writers like me.

The image above was the email I received. I won't explain it much further as I guess it's  self-explanatory that it's an admin that's inviting us to join. Well, if you're going to ask me,the site is well made and there's quite good rules circulating the platform. Anyway, one way to make sure that this platform is paying by trying it out. (Sanay na ako magsakripisyo ng magsakripisyo kahit alam  kong sa bandang huli maaaring masaktan ako. HAHAHA)

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