A Nigerian tale of withdrawal on Bitlanders and the encounter with Payza

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Payment has always been a problem on any social networks that promise earnings for Nigerians, but Bitlanders is different! This is "A Nigerian's  tale of withdrawal on Bitlanders and the encounter with Payza"

Everything was going just fine until I came across this article US Authorities Shut Down Payza in $250M Money Laundering Case. I did not stop so I look around and I found another, DOJ Hits Crypto-Friendly Money Company Payza with Laundering Accusations. Finally I understand that it is for real !!

I felt depressed as the only method of payment for me and my kinsmen is no longer available.


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I really feel bad and almost quitting from Bitlanders. 


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Now that Payza payment processor no longer available what should be my way forward?

Before we explore the way forward, let me tell you a tale, “A Nigerian tale of withdrawal on Bitlanders and the encounter with Payza”. Let me begin by giving you a brief history of Alert Pay A.K.A Payza

A Brief History of Payza

Payza was formerly known as “AlertPay” and founded in 2004. After a successful operation and making a name for themselves, they change their name into Payza. The name remains until the latest development with the US government.


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Payza was successful in Nigeria because it has helped a lot of Nigerians to withdraw their earnings from around the world.

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The rigorous process of account verification on Bitanders

Bitlanders is a social media platform that registering only takes some few minutes. However, your account MUST be verified before you can receive payment.

There is no shortcut to account verification process. This is what makes account verification rigorous on Bitlanders

Though Bitlanders Admin and verification officers may not approve my use of language when I say “rigorous” this is what I meant

How to verify your account on Bitlanders

It is no news that the minimum threshold for withdrawal is $10. At this juncture of first withdrawal, the Bitlanders teams will email you something like this



for security reasons we cannot send you your Rewards until you provide us with a scan or picture of an identification document where your picture, name and document ID is clearly visible.

To verify your bitlanders Account, please provide us:

(1) One clearly readable identification document with your picture, name and document ID, such as passport national ID card driving license, health insurance card, school card etc.

(2) Selfie verification: a picture of yourself holding said document and a paper with  the “bitlanders” writing on it

(3) The nickname or email address connected to your bitlanders account.

If you do not wish to disclose your identity and would rather stay anonymous, your may cancel your payment request and you may use your earnings Rewards to purchase any virtual item available on our Online store to enhance your avatar or perform premium tasks on the websites. Or you may choose to donate to charities by purchasing donation gift card on the store.

For related information please see “REWARDS & WITHDRAWAL”-section “Can I redeem my Rewards with an anonymous account?’in the FAQ

Please NOTE:

(1) Providing fake identification documents will lead to the termination of your accounts.

(2) Please allow up to 7 business days for our team to review the documents.

(3) Owing multiple accounts is not allowed, therefore using the same identification documents for multiple accounts will be rejected.

How to redeem your Rewards on bitlanders

You can redeem your rewards by clicking “Settings Icon“ page by clicking on “My Rewards”. Choose between PayPal or Payza payouts and the equivalent , but remeber right now PAYZA WITHDRAWAL IS NO LONGER AN OPTION ON BITLANDERS!


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You will be asked to provide your email address. After your Rewards have been sent, you will receive a notification via Paypal.

 How long does it take to receive my Rewards?

Please allow a few business days to receive your rewards.

To cancel orders see the status and history of your orders, please go to your “MY ORDERS



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Thanks for your cooperation

Thanks for using Bitlanders


The Bitlanders Team

 The importance of account verification on Bitlanders!

If you MUST WITHDRAW YOUR  EARNINGS, there is no shortcut to withdrawal on Bitlanders without account verification.

For security reasons, we cannot send you your Rewards until you provide us with a scan or picture of an identification document where your picture, name and document ID is clearly visible

Reason for account verification on Bitlanders

“You cannot own multiple accounts on Bitlanders”

Individuals with fake identification can also be identified

 What is needed for account verification on Bitlanders?

In accordance with the above email which was sent to my inbox, the following are needed for account verification,


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1.   Identification documents

2.   Selfie verification

3.   Nickname and email address

Identification document

Identification document used on Bitlanders account verification must be supported by Bitlanders.

Let me make it simple, you can use

1. National identity card if you are from Nigeria or any other country of origin.

2.You can use your university identification card(remember not an expired card)

3. You can also use your driver license or international passport

What this document must show are

1. Your name clearly.

2. Your face clearly

Selfie verification

When sending your selfie, take the selfie yourself using your phone. It should show the following clearly

1. Bitlanders writing on a paper.

2. It should show you holding your ID with your face clearly on it.

If your country does not support Paypal what’s next?

It’s a problem if your country of origin or country you reside does not support any of the payment system available on Bitlanders hahaha!!

Worry not; Bitlanders got you covered...

 When your Bitlanders verification is approved

It will take few business days for your account to be verified and an email will be sent to your inbox.

Check on ORDERS section on your account, your account with be reading CONFIRMED and when the withdrawal is sent, it shall become DELIVERED.

Holla!! Your money has been sent to your Paypal account. Since we can no longer receive payment via Payza, at the time of this article, payments are only available via Paypal

How to cash your Payza earnings in Nigeria ( Payza is no longer available please)

Cashing your earnings in Nigeria via Payza was very easy. Most Nigerians with me inclusive make use of dollars exchangers. I personally use ONLINENAIRA  to receive my payments because they are legit.

Bitlanders no longer using Payza

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this notice,

video credits: Crypto news via Youtube  


image credits: Docxdrl via Bitlanders 

trying to find what went wrong, I saw this Payza payments suspended This is the saddest news I have received so far in the year 2018 on Bitlanders. As a Nigerian, I CAN NO LONGER MAKE WITHDRAWAL ON BITLANDERS

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, THERE IS HOPE FOR NIGERIANS ON BITLANDERS!! This goes for other countries will similar problem. Bitlanders has salvaged the situation for us, we no longer have to be worried about how to make withdrawal.

Ways forward for a Nigerian on Bitlanders

It is no longer news that in Nigeria at the time of writing this article we CANNOT receive payment via Paypal, but we can make payment via Paypal.

Cryptocurrency payouts will be available in the future

Micky-the-slanted-Salerno in his article clearly convened the progressive intentions of Bitlanders to her community saying


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We are pleased to announce we will soon be adding cryptocurrency payments in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This is Nigeria’s way out of the problem at hand, “Withdrawal

If you did not withdraw your earnings after a year is shall be forfeited

Yes, your monthly rewards will become unavailable if not requested within 12 months

I’m hoping before our earnings can become absolute, the above-mentioned payments methods are available.

Payza is still working but no longer a method of payment on Bitlanders

Contrary to popular opinion, Payza is still alive and kicking very fine….

How you may ask?

Payza.com at the time of writing this article is suspended by the US Government, but am surprise that Payza.eu is still accessible.

Hurry now to Payza.eu, log in using your Payza.com credentials and transfer all your earnings before anything goes wrong with Payza.eu.


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