A Night to Remember: ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila

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A wonderful day everyone! Wondering why I'm in a good mood right now? Well, it's about this blog I will be writing about. Before I begin, I would like to apologize again for my long hiatus. I have to pause my blogs for my Baguio City vacation to give way to this topic because I feel like I can't move on from it. I needed to release these emotions and I know writing it would surely help, just like what I did for LiSA's concert.

By the way, please welcome my friend mhaiiiself. She's new here and has landed in the bitLanders kingdom to deliver the best of Korean music and entertainment!

Anyway, my blog right now is about Japanese Music. Remember the Japanese band I wrote about before? Yes, it's ONE OK ROCK. For those of you who have read about it know that I am going to their Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila.

The Ambitions Asia Tour ran from January 18 until February 2. Other places included on the tour are Thailand, Singapore, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
ONE OK ROCK advertisement at the huge LED screen of Mall of Asia Arena.

In the Philippines, the show took place at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on January 29, 2018, at eight in the evening. The Asia tour was made possible by Amuse, Inc. Asia, B'in Live, and local partner, PULP Live World. Gem TV Asia was also later announced to be the TV Partner for the Manila concert.

It's been almost a month already and I can't help but relive every day the feeling of being on a such awesome show. My hands had been itching to write about this but my mind was stuck on cloud nine and lost in the rock universe. Now that I felt my sanity come back a little, I will now begin sharing my wonderful journey to ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Asia Tour in Manila. So please stay close as I share with you my detailed preparations and amazing experience with their live show! (Consider this as my diary and early monthsary celebration of the concert.) 

If you don't know who ONE OK ROCK is, you can read my blog about the band: "ONE OK ROCK: The Japanese Band that Conquers the World"

Pre-concert Preparations

(video source: pulpliveworld via Youtube)
PULP Live World's advertisement for ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila.

's announcement of their Asia Tour had definitely surprised me that I literally panicked since the ticket selling date for the Manila show was less than a month from the announcement. Things I thought of is the ticket price and who to go along with to the concert. I really wanted to go but the thought of traveling alone gives me second thoughts of going. Ticket selling for the Manila show was on October 14, 2017, and luckily, I've known someone on our fan group who lives in the same province as mine. I'm thankful that she was very persistent on persuading me to buy a ticket and because of that, I ended up buying a ticket the next day and I got a seat on the same area as them. (There was one seat left beside them but was taken a few minutes before I decided to purchase so I ended up two rows behind which is the nearest seat to them.)

Since I got a bit separated, I got anxious about who my seatmate was. I tried to look for him/her on our group by posting but nobody responded, unfortunately. (I worry a lot, you know. I am a paranoia that has grown a human body. Lol!) Although, I found her a few days after in our group chat. Lucky, she's a girl. I sighed in relief.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Fan projects for the concert.

Fast forward to a few weeks before the concert, our fan group announced some things we should bring or what they call, "fan projects", to step up the vibe during the show. This is of course a non-mandatory project, but as a fan, you can't help but join in. Our fan projects include a yellow and red handkerchief and yellow/red sticker for our phone light. The color yellow is the theme for their Ambitions album while the color red is the color of their previous album 35xxxv. Sadly, I wasn't able to use the handkerchiefs because I don't know how to tie them in my wrist, alone. For the phone light, some fans had offered to make the stickers for free and distribute it to people during the concert day. But anxiety has taken over me and thought they might not be able to make enough stickers for everyone, so I made my own sticker. And I guess mine was much easier and cheaper to make!  

(I uploaded a video tutorial here on bitLanders on how to make it. "CHEAP & EASY DIY Smartphone Flashlight Color")

Aside from the fan projects, it has also been confirmed that we can give gifts to the band, but not personally. This was only confirmed 8 days before the big day and so I was very skeptical whether to give one or not. The only gift I could think of that moment was to make a fan art, but the remaining days were very crucial and I'm afraid that I might not be able to finish it on time. Even though my mind was on a debate, I began searching for photos of my fan art and immediately started drawing the moment I found the photo I like. (Lol!) Guess what, friends! I finished it all in just 7 days! It usually takes me almost a week to make a semi-realistic art for ONE person, but this time I was able to make 4 in just a week! I, myself, can't even believe it. Maybe it's the kick of adrenaline rush, excitement, anxiety, and "fan goals" combined together that pushed me to another level of power and determination to finish my art. Oh, how it feels so good knowing how capable you are with something when pushed to your limits. Now I truly believe with my username Katsanslimites. (Sans limites is a French word which means "limitless".) However, not all was a good memory from this experience. My hand felt very painful from non-stop drawing and I swear it's the most painful feeling my hand had felt. I had also forgotten to record my drawing process since I was in a serious rush. Sorry, no Watch Me WIP video for this drawing.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
The ONE OK ROCK fan art I worked so hard for. It almost killed my hand.

I was originally planning on giving my fan art to each member of the band but I felt shy and a bit exaggerated doing it so I ended up giving it only to one member, Tomoya Kanki, ONE OK ROCK's fluffy and cute drummer. I know Tomoya would appreciate it, plus, I am certain that most of the fans would address their gifts to Taka or Toru. So I decided to give it to the less noticed member. Well, before I ramble more drama, I should be more concerned whether the gifts were really given to them. I hope it did reach them, else, all the efforts of the fans went to waste.

Thinking that I might meet friends during the concert day, I also made a few copies of the fan art to give as a token for our first meeting. I gave a same size photo as the one I've given to Tomoya for my close friends like goiinmary!

On the other hand, I made smaller copies for those whom I would just meet and make friends spontaneously. I have sixteen copies of it but I was only able to give one! (Yes, hello anxiety and introversion!) That one lucky person who received my fan art gift was no other than my seatmate inside the arena. Being able to give one is already an achievement for me! I'll just give the remaining fifteen copies on the next concert. Or maybe sell them? The photo paper I used was a bit expensive. (Lol!)

The Big Day!

The day that I've been looking forward to has finally come! I am so thankful that my companions had patiently waited for me even though I was four hours late! Well, I woke up very late and still waited over an hour at the bus terminal for the bus with the route going to Pasay City, Manila. My companions and I live two towns apart. I live the farthest and so I have to ride the bus first and fetch them along the way.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Me on the last row waiting for the bus to depart.

The ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Asia Tour in Manila will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City which is about 230 kilometers away from Dagupan City in our province Pangasinan. Lucky that the show will start at eight in the evening because travel time is around 5 to 6 hours. I left Dagupan City at 10 in the morning and fetched my companions around an hour after. (I asked the bus conductor to stop the bus at our meeting place to pick them up.) While on our way to Manila, I can't help but feel excited about what I will witness comes night. I was also exchanging text messages with goiinmary who was also on the way to the venue.

We arrived at Pasay City a few minutes after three in the afternoon and were supposed to take a taxi going to Mall of Asia Arena since it was our original plan but the taxi fare was surprisingly expensive. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to reach Mall of Asia Arena from the bus terminal in Pasay and the taxi drivers we've asked were demanding for a price of Php 200 to Php 300 ($4 to 6 USD) for the fare. The price is insane so we've decided to take the jeepney (a cheap and popular mode of transportation in the Philippines) since there are lots of it with a route going to our destination. And guess how the jeepney fare cost? Only freaking Php 8! That's just $0.15 USD!

Excitement has taken over hearts upon hopping out of the jeepney. We went nowhere but to the arena right away, ignoring the very popular and one of the biggest malls in Asia right in front us. From afar, we were already greeted by ONE OK ROCK's video message playing at the huge LED screen of the arena. And upon arriving in front of the arena to take a video on the LED screen, two girls stood near us seemingly trying to take a video as well. I looked at the girls' faces and was surprised that it was goiinmary and her sister kneelyrac! I went behind goiinmary and immediately tapped her shoulder. It was our first meeting ever and I didn't know she kept calling on my phone while I was on the jeepney. (Mary! I'm so sorry if I wasn't able to answer your calls. I know I have told you that I don't bring out my phone especially while inside the jeepney. Hehe.) I believe that goiinmary and I were definitely destined to meet. We met on Instagram by chance then met at the Mall of Asia Arena upon arriving even without telling a specific location where to meet.

(Goiinmary and I met on Instagram on the night of January 19, 2016. We sympathized with each other digitally while feeling jealous of those who have attended ONE OK ROCK's first ever concert in the Philippines. Ever since then, it has been our goal to attend on their return. And we've made it! So congratulations to both of us even though we were on different areas inside the arena! Hehe!)

Lining Up Outside the Arena

(image source: Katsanslimites)
A few minutes before the queuing begins outside the arena.

My two companions/friends and I sat near the lineup area around 4:30 P.M. and lined up at 5 P.M. After a dragging two hours in the line, we have finally stepped foot inside the arena. I hated waiting up in line for a very long time because my legs and feet ache easily but surprisingly, two hours went by so fast that I rarely complained about my aching legs. I guess that's the magic of excitement!

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Another long line at the merchandise booth.

The first thing I looked for as I went at the arena's lobby was the merchandise booth. I lined up (again) for about 30 minutes while my friends bought bottled water and waited for me at one corner. I went straight to the comfort room after purchasing from the booth to wear my newly bought ONE OK ROCK shirt and baller. By the way, most people were wearing a black shirt and there was me feeling like a lost girl for wearing a green shirt, plus a red jacket and yellow socks. (Merry Christmas? Lol!) Now I feel more one with the crowd with my black shirt!

We then hurriedly went up to our area because the show will start at 8 in the evening. Luckily, we were not lost as there was huge signage on each door per area. As soon as we entered our area, I bid goodbye to my friends to go to our respected seats. In all fairness, I haven't felt alone and shy in my seat because I got along quickly with my seatmate.

I took a photo and a video as soon as I sat because taking photos and videos while the concert is going on is not allowed. I had a few chats with my seatmate before the show started which made us feel comfortable with each other. Little did she know, even before the ticket selling started, we already somehow met on Twitter wherein she left a reply on my tweet. And little did I know that the seatmate I was looking for was her. Such a coincidence. Now I really do believe in destiny!

The Show Begins!

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Inside the arena a couple of minutes before the show.

The arena was quickly filled by people as time draws near. It's funny when people already began screaming when the fog machine started blowing out smoke. I think they were just doing a test of the machine. (Lol.) But people went really curious when some people at the other end in my area stood and started screaming like crazy. Little did we know, they were able to see the band at the backstage from their seats! And yes, they witnessed the band do their hand stacking ritual which they always do before going out to the stage. Oh, how lucky these fans were!

It didn't take long before the lights were turned off which signaled the start of the show. This prompted us to stand too. Who would watch a rock concert seated, right? The next thing I knew after the lights went off was the deafening screams filling the arena which unexpectedly even got louder when purple lights began to color the dark with the Ambitions album intro playing on the background. ONE OK ROCK came out and went to their positions as soon as the intro song began and I tried my best to look for their silhouettes against the fog and moving purple lights while joining the crowd to scream. As soon as the intro song was over, they immediately took everyone's energy to the roof with their first song Bombs Away. I cheered and sang along with the crowd while pumping my fists in the air!

They played one of their old songs called Deeper Deeper next which made us more hyped. Ryota started the song with his bass guitar which we followed by a clap chant like how the other fans do in their other shows. This is one of my favorite songs of the band and I can't explain how much blown away I was at Taka's screams for this song. And the synchronized headbang of Taka, Toru, and Ryota at the second stanza just made this song way cooler live! We're just on the second song but it felt like we were already at the encore of the show.

This was immediately followed by their song Taking Off. Well, it's already the third song and the audience's energy still haven't weakened even slightly. Our souls had definitely taken off to the ONE OK ROCK world and we were just purely rocking and enjoying the moment. Next song was Cry Out, a staple song during their shows. Everyone cried their hearts out to this song, screaming "Shout it out now! Shout it out now!", and the next thing we knew, our feet were jumping to the rhythm of the song.

Four songs were over when ONE OK ROCK took a break to greet their Filipino fans in the Filipino language. All of us inside the arena was literally surprised! A lot of us squealing and melting when each member greeted everyone in pure Filipino language. (Not sure if the case is the same with the male fans. Haha!) I'd say Ryota and Tomoya did great in speaking Filipino. Meanwhile, I had difficulty in understanding what Toru and Taka said but I just cheered in return to express my appreciation for their effort.

After the short break, they brought back everyone to the game with another old song called Re:make. I am happy that they included this song for their tour because I've been wishing to experience this song live. Next song was another good old song called Clock Strikes which is another staple song to their concerts. This is another song I wish to see live before I die (Lol.) because the live version of this song is different and much better than the recorded one. During the live performance, there's a part where Taka belts a long high note which I know, everyone has been waiting for too. I shut my mouth for a moment to hear it clearly. Yup, it was perfect and show-stopping.

Next song was Bedroom Warfare from their latest album Ambitions. I am amazed with how they turned this song much more exciting live. Taka instructed us to clap our hands to some parts of this song. It was awesome. (Hehe!) ONE OK ROCK serenaded the crowd next to their forever heart-melting song Wherever You Are. Everyone brought out their phones, turned the flashlights on and sang every line of the song. At the middle of the song, Taka complimented the crowd and said the lights looked beautiful.

Next on the setlist is another mellow song called One Way Ticket from the latest album. This song was one of my least favorite songs in their new album but is now one of my favorites after hearing it live! This was followed by a spectacular instrumental exhibition from Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya. I am not a music expert to tell if they are the greatest musicians but I could assure you that their performance was pure awesomeness! Each of them was able to take their own moment in showcasing their skills. This was immediately followed by their song Bon Voyage, also from their Ambitions album. Another least favorite song of mine turned into one of my favorites now. I didn't expect this song to be very exciting and hype-inducing until Taka shouted "3, 2, 1 JUMP!!!" We all complied and jumped. I never thought Bon Voyage can be this cool. By the way, the dance choreography of Taka, Toru, and Ryota at the intro of this song was fun to watch, you would think they can switch into a boy group when they don't want to continue being a rock band anymore. (Of course, that's not happening. They are better as a rock band. Lol.)

The next two songs, I was King and Take What You Want were from the Ambitions album as well. I was King was one of my favorites ever since the album was released. The live version of this song is 100% cool and I really like how Tomoya made a cooler drumbeat for the live performance. Taka repeatedly screaming "When I was king!" on the last chorus gave me goosebumps. His voice and emotion went deep into my soul. On the other hand, Take What You Want is a very beautiful song live. (When I say very beautiful, it's very beautiful. Hehe!) On their live shows, they begin this song by keeping silent for a minute or two with their heads bowed. On this part, the audiences should stay quiet too. Well, on this Manila concert, I would say the silence was quite achieved. And at the middle of the song, Taka had us sing the "Oh Ooooh" part for about 2 minutes. The sound of the crowd echoing around the arena was just so heavenly to my ears and perhaps even for Taka. Taka even went down on both knees, took off his in-ear monitor, raised both of his arms with eyes closed while hearing and feeling our voices.

After an emotional song, ONE OK ROCK finally played one of their most popular songs called The Beginning. I can't help but scream my excitement the moment Taka sang the first line. By the way, this song is the song that got me into this band and so seeing the band perform this live is very special for me. Everyone headbanged with the band especially on the last chorus where Taka, Toru, and Ryota moves to the middle front stage to do a simultaneous headbang. They were so cool and fun to watch!  

Taka then said that they only have two songs left which made our hearts sad. Nevertheless, I believe that everyone knows what song is next. When The Beginning is performed, everyone expects it to be a back-to-back song with Mighty Long Fall. Mighty Long Fall, for me, is the ultimate ONE OK ROCK song for headbanging. This was the moment I wished I bought a standing ticket because people made circle pits in the standing area when Taka asked them to. Everyone just went crazy; jumping, headbanging, and raising their arms to the beat. And Taka's screams at the end of the song was the best! It felt like we're in hell with his screaming voice but also felt like heaven to our ears. (I hope you get my point. Hehe!) Down to the last song, We Are, the crowd once again turned into a sea of lights when the crowd raised their phones. We had literally become "the colors in the dark," as what one of the lines in the song says. Every one of us sang along to this very emotional uplifting song and felt the message of the song down to the core of our hearts.

The band immediately left the stage and a sigh of sadness could be heard from the crowd. Although we know that there will be an encore, some people in the crowd chanted "We want more!" repeatedly until the whole arena joined in. After about two minutes, they went back to the stage while making short bows as if thanking the crowd for asking for more.

ONE OK ROCK performed two songs for their encore, an upbeat song called American Girls from their new album and an old but gold song called Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer. The song American Girls is no doubt for their fangirls as they made each girl in the arena that night melt and swoon especially when Taka replaced the lyrics from American to Filipina. "Come and break my heart you Filipina girls!" That line was enough to bring each girl in the crowd in cloud nine for eternity. (Just kidding! Maybe for a few weeks!)

Last but not the least, the real last song of the night—Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer! A popular old song the band loves to play for their encore even up to this day. Each of us just went wild at this song like we can conquer any obstacles that may come our way. Yup, that kind of feeling! Jumping, singing along, and pumping our fists in the air madly like we're on a rally. I was in my 200% energy at this song even though my arms, feet, and throat were already hurting. And I think I went straight up to 1000% when Toru pointed at me from afar (Okay, he was pointing at our area. But really, it seems like he was pointing at me! Haha!) causing me to sing louder (more like screaming), "KANZEN KANKAKU DREAMEEEEER!!!" with synchronized jump and fist pump like there's no tomorrow. The energy and message this song emanates is definitely the perfect song to end the show spectacularly.

Finally ending the Manila show, Taka, Toru, Ryota, and Tomoya ran in front holding each other's hands and took a longbow. Taka took out his phone and panned it around the arena to keep a remembrance with their Filipino fans. (He posted the video on Instagram that same night.) Toru threw his guitar picks to the fans; Tomoya, his drumsticks; and Taka, a white towel he used to wipe his sweat. I'm not sure what Ryota gave but he was the one who got the banner filled with handwritten messages from fans. The band held the banner and took some photos with it. I must say their official photographer, Julen, was hilarious. He was making weird sounds while taking their group photo.

They left the stage soon after a few more bows and waves to the crowd. And for the second time, Tomoya shouted "Mahal kita!!!" (I love you) before exiting the stage. Taka was the last to leave the stage. It was a sad moment for us because the show was over but Taka knows how to lift our sad hearts. Before finally leaving, he said a phrase that will keep us looking out for them in the future.

"See you soon."

A Final Farewell

The show was over and the lights went back to the usual ones. People started leaving the arena while others took photos for remembrance. The show may have ended but my seatmate and I won't end it just yet because we still haven't given our gifts at the gift box. We got nervous when we couldn't find the gift drop box in the lobby but after a few tries of going back and forth, we were able to find it hidden at one corner. (Lol.) I hope Tomoya appreciated my letter/drawing. Yes, I wrote a very short yet very touching message for Tomoya on my drawing. I bet it made him tear up (from laughing).

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Fans patiently waiting and hoping to see ONE OK ROCK leave the arena.

After dropping our gifts to the gift drop box, we rushed our way out of the arena to proceed on our last plan—to see them up close and bid a final farewell as they leave the venue. We've waited for about an hour hoping to get a final look at them but sadly, they passed through another exit! We didn't know there was another exit on the opposite side of the venue. (They outsmarted us! Lol.) Thinking back to that moment, I even screamed Tomoya's name and waved my red flashlight when a van went out. According to other fans, only the staff were inside the van. Those people inside might have laughed at me(that is if they saw me). It was really embarrassing.

Anyway, even though we weren't able to see the band for the last time, we were given some snacks for free from guys distributing it outside the arena. It seems sketchy at first because nothing is free anymore today, but they're really giving it for free. Not sure what it was for but I just considered it as a consolation for our failed plan. I got 4 of these because my companions forgot to get theirs from my paper bag when they left. Sorry, friends!

Leaving Manila

Honestly, my friends and I don't know how to go to the bus terminal that would take us back to our province. It was already midnight and there were already few people around. A jeepney driver refused us with a seemingly irritated attitude while a taxi is too expensive. Thank goodness I was able to muster up some courage to ask a security guard patrolling at the bus stop of the mall. He guided us to which bus to ride and even talked to the bus conductor to drop us at our destination. The bus fare was only Php 12 ($0.20 USD).

We arrived at the bus terminal a few minutes after midnight and left Manila around 12:30 A.M. Lucky that the bus we rode was bound to a shorter route (TPLEX or Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway). My friends were able to reach home around 3 A.M. while I got home at 4 A.M.

One of the Best Two Hours of My Life!

Spectacular. Show-stopping. Exceptional. One of a kind.

Anyone who had been to an ONE OK ROCK concert would easily agree with me when I say this band is one of the best in the world. The Ambitions Asia Tour in Manila had left me in awe and more love and appreciation for the band. My emotion was shaken up; I laughed, felt in love, heartbroken, excited, hopeful, revengeful, rebellious, and motivated. It was a great feeling experiencing all these emotions within a span of two hours. Reminiscing the show had even got me teary-eyed while I was on the bus on my way home to my province. (Glad I was seated at the last row of the bus. Nobody has seen me for sure!)

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Well, that's me taking a pose after the show and going all out with the official merchandise. (Lol.)

My first concert experience with ONE OK ROCK was never a disappointment at all. I have probably seen all of their live performances on Youtube and never once had I felt bored watching them. Now that I have seen them perform live with my bare eyes and ears, I have come to admire and respect them more. I will say that they are very much more entertaining live than their studio recorded songs. The studio recorded songs are already so awesome but these guys are beasts on stage. They are incredible and spectacular; exploding beautifully like the stars where the stage is the universe. Plus, the atmosphere of the concert venue and being immersed in a huge crowd that shares the same music taste as yours is something you can't get just by listening through your headphones. I finally got to witness Taka's hellish screams, angelic falsettos, high-speed spins and super high jumps; Toru's spin with kick, and sick guitar skills; Ryota's non-stop headbangs and split jump while firing up the music with his bass; and Tomoya's wicked drum skills, and childish-like smile. Each of them shined and was cheered by the crowd. That's what I love about this band and fandom. No one is left behind.

Taka's long high note at Clock Strikes, the choreographed dance at the intro of Bon Voyage, the simultaneous headbang at The Beginning, and the circle pit at Mighty Long Fall were just some of the highlights of their concert people shouldn't miss when they attend a ONE OK ROCK show. One can feel their energy, passion and grit for music on their performances. I know how I described LiSA's concert on my early blogs that it was the best live I've been to. But it looks like ONE OK ROCK just stole the torch for they had won my heart this time. Although to make things clear, my love for this band hasn't made my love for LiSA any less. LiSA is great but ONE OK ROCK is incredibly super great! They are the paragon of today's Japanese rock music scene. (And my love for Japanese music doesn't mean I am ditching Filipino music, okay?) In addition, I congratulate ONE OK ROCK for making it big in the Philippines wherein Korean and Western music are more favored. I'm utterly happy that there's at least one Japanese band that can go mainstream and fill an arena in our country. (They are most likely the first Japanese act to perform on a such huge venue in the Philippines. Keep making history, ONE OK ROCK!)

My ONE OK ROCK live experience was very memorable; a memory I would happily treasure forever. I got to meet online friends and new people, genuinely enjoy the show even if I'm around people I don't know, made friends with my seatmate, and cheer and squeal together in a huge crowd for a band I love. I will also never forget Toru pointing at our area that seems like he was pointing only at me. I think I used up all my voice and energy at that very short moment. I guess I haven't mentioned yet that I had bad cough when I went to the concert. It was irritating and distracting, however, that didn't stop me to sing along and scream. But of course, pushing yourself to the limit will always have consequences; good and bad. My voice was hoarse, almost gone, and I also got colds right after the show. It was a bad, hilarious, and satisfying feeling. This just showed that I really went all out and enjoyed the night. Now I know, not even a bad cough can stop me from enjoying a concert! 

Oh, haven't I mentioned how striking the stage was on their tour? I haven't been to their first Manila concert but I've seen it through some videos and I can say they have taken the stage production on a much higher level. The stage lightings and effects on the huge screens were very similar to that of their Japan Ambitions Tour! All of us in the arena certainly got the feeling that ONE OK ROCK brought their Japan tour right in the Philippines. It was like witnessing what we used to see on the Ambitions Japan Tour videos in the flesh! And hands down to the band's official photographer, Julen, for snapping the coolest photos that night! Mall of Asia Arena just transformed into some kind of a really rad concert venue. Each ONE OK ROCK member uploaded their favorite photos too! You can check out the Instagram accounts of Toru, Taka, Ryota, and Tomoya.

(image source: Katsanslimites)
Shirt, ticket, wristband, handkerchiefs and my fan art which serves as a special remembrance of the concert.

Before I end this blog, I would like to congratulate ONE OK ROCK for a successful Ambitions Asia Tour. Thanks for including Philippines on your tour for the second time around! I wish you never get tired of coming back. Special thanks to PULP Live World for making the Manila concert successful. And biggest thanks to my mom for allowing me to travel to Manila even if I wasn't feeling well. (Hehe!)

Right now, ONE OK ROCK members are on a vacation before starting their  Ambitions Japan Dome Tour from March 31st to April 22nd. They have also recently released a new single last February 16 entitled, "Change". A new album is also in the works. Aside from that, they also won as the Best International Band on Rock Sound Awards 2017. ONE OK ROCK is definitely one of the bands everyone should look out for as these guys got the talent. They are just waiting for the right song and moment to get that huge global breakthrough that will make their name known to everyone in the world.

Anyway, here's a recap video of the Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila by PULP Live World to keep the post-concert depression burning.

(video source: pulpliveworld via Youtube)
A video going back to ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Tour Live in Manila plus a special message from the band!

MYX Philippines also got an exclusive interview with the band and even taught them how to say I love you in Filipino. I also made a short video compilation of the concert, by the way. (ONE OK ROCK Ambitions Asia Tour Live in Manila -video compliation-)

Listen to ONE OK ROCK songs on iTunes and Spotify!

Thanks for coming back to Manila, ONE OK ROCK! Hoping to see you guys again soon! Rock on!!!

Thanks for reading!

✧ Katsanslimites

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