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Vegetables are very necessary for human beings. A vegetarian person can live like a healthy and strong life. Therefore the elders of the Home should bring the vegetables when they have to go for shopping. Every vegetable have its own importance and benefits. It will be more efficient like every person start to grow its own vegetables because market vegetables are not so fresh. Therefore they should make a plan of managing a little place near their home or with in a home in which they can grow need vegetables like in china people grows vegetable by their own struggle. The important of self-producing vegetables is that every member of the family can be benefit from fresh vegetables thus it will be more effective in one’s health.

Health is important because Health is wealth. One thing should be noted here that a healthy person is always a vegetarian person whenever he asked for this, he reply the same I stated. Vegetables play essential roles in our daily life. Today we see that the average rate of age is going decrease day by day and you can also note that the rate of decease and illness are going to decrease, this is just because of less use of vegetables. Now a day’s people like eat chickens, biryani, goat meat, beef meat or some other spicy dishes which are not good for help as it is stated that the excess of everything is bad. While keeping this issue in mind everyone must point out this thing and should aware other about his thing. The new generation should take action seriously and improve the man life. This is for the whole mankind. (Thank you)

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