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Hi everyone,

On June 26th, Film Annex, in collaboration with the Afghan Citadel Company, opened their third Internet classroom at Hatifi High School in Herat, Afghanistan, as part of the Afghan Development Project. In this video you can watch the construction process, from beginning to end. We are now working on the construction of the 4th classroom and following our goal to build 40 Internet classrooms with a total of 400 computers and reach 160,000 Afghani children. Now, back to movies...

The filmmaker we feature this week chose to follow an original path. Dave Humphreys directed short films during his studies, but then decided to move into the world of broadcasting. Since then, he has worked with high profile clients like the BBC and filmed international sports events. As Thick As Thieves, his graduate film, is a short drama about life changing choices and shows his skills as a talented camera operator. Theater of Dreams reflects his passion for sports and live events. Remember the short film One Night Stand? It was a collaborative effort with another Film Annex filmmaker Jack Tew (read the whole story in this blog).

For this week's Web TV, we are back with a serial. This time, it is not a hero but a heroine who will save the day! Zorro's Black Whip features Barbara Meredith as the Black Whip, as she takes over her late brother's mission to defend the state of Idaho against the villain Hammond. She may not be Zorro but she has his courage and knows how to fight. Add to that a black mask, a whip, and a loyal friend to help her in her adventures, and a new heroine is born.

And the 8 top movies of the week are:

The Bug by the Vancouver Film School students
The Chase by Tomas Vergara
One Week by Buster Keaton
The Friend by Ken Rivas
The Most Important Question You Will Ever Ask by Fuzzy Duck Creative
With No One In The World by Tal Haring
Pour une pepite de plus (For a gold nugget more) by Remi Parisse
The Patroline Procedure
by Tim Orchard

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The Film Annex Team

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