A Poem For The Blind

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The wind will always be there for you but you keep on ignoring it,
the wind never leaves you all alone but you never even say hello.
The wind is sitting beside you but when the rain arrives,you left
the wind and you entertained the rain.The wind felt so sad and it cried 
because you can't see it.You always feel the wind but you still wish
for the rain,the wind always blew for you but you've got no reaction.
The rain come so rare but no one could ever explain your joy while
showering in the rain.

The wind turned cold because it was so sad so you covered yourself 
with a blanket,the wind cannot hug you anymore so the wind turned back
to normal.The wind did everything but you still not give attention,the wind
is being ignored but it decided not to leave you.The wind turns cold sometimes
but will come back to normal for you.Sometimes the wind goes away because 
it felt so sad and you wish to feel the wind again,but when it comes back,
you still ignore it.

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Hi! I'm John Patrick de Lacy from the Philippines. I want to make a lot of friends here and i hope that i will be able to befriend all the bitlanders!

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