A Poem

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In this era the liquor, the cup, even Jam is different
the cup‐bringer started different ways of beauty and domination

The Muslim also built a changed harem of his own
The Aztar of civilization made changed idols of his own

Nation is the principal among these new gods!
What is its shirt is the shroud of Religion

This hero which is the creation of the new evolution
is the raider of the erection of the Holy Prophet’s Religion

Your arm is imposed with the talent of the Divine Unity
you are the admirers of Mustafa, your nation is Islam

You should display the old scene to the domain
O Mustafa’s admirer! You should abolish this ideal

The restraint to nation effects in ruin
Live like the fish in the marine free from nation

Rejecting the nation is the way of the God’s Adored (PBUH)
you should also swear to the Prophet Hood’s Truth by like deed

In dogmatic parlance nation is something changed
In Prophet’s grasp nation is something changed

The resentment among world’s nations is formed by this unaided
Suppression as the goal of business is formed by this alone

God’s formation is discriminatorily separated amongst nations by it
The Islamic notion of nationality is evacuated by it


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