A Pure Relation

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Marriage is a deified relation between a couple. It is like an agreement and contract between couple and their children and with their in-laws. This agreement describes the rights and duties of person link in it. It’s a main part of every rich culture. All religions of the word recommends it. In every religion there is different way to perform the marriage. All religions recommends the marriage before any sex between a couple. We can say that marriage is the central point of a rich social and cultured society. Commonly a man and a women married each other but in some rich society same sex people can also bond them in the relation of marriage. But all religions of the world are against the same sex marriages.  

Marriage is not only the lawful agreement for sex. It is a relation in which two people commonly a man and a women bound to each other in such a way that they share sorrows, worries and also the moments of happiness with each other. They bore children and make a happy family in which every single one care for other, give other comfort and save other from any type of danger and harm.  


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