A Real Love

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A Boy was driving motorcycle at speed over 100mph.
Girl: Dear honey please be slow . I'm getting scared.
Guy: No babe this is the real fun out here
Girl: No dear it is not and It is bit scary for me
Guy:I will slow down only if you shout loudly "I love you"
Girl: ok dear, I am saying that I really love you. Now please slow the car.
Guy: I want you to give me a tight hug please. (Girl did the same)
Guy: would you please remove my helmet and you wear on your head as I am not comfortable with it.
Breaking News Next day in News paper: A motorcycle had an accident with building due to failure in brake.Out of two people on that motorcycle only one is able to survive.. The bitter truth was that during this long drive the boy did understand that his brakes are already failed but he did not wish that the girl should know this. Instead, he asked her to say love him and it was last hug she did with him .He also asked her to wear helmet because he wanted to save her love and he was well aware about the future situation.

This is real love

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