A Short Introduction

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A Short Introduction

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I'm living in a world with full of fantasies. I'm living with words of what ifs. This place is the best place to finally voice out all the words I've had in my purest heart and mind.  I might fail you in some cases, but hey noobie is a noobie. Sorry for my English tho, I've been writing this impromptu, as what will always be on my blog posts. But for sure this one would be a valuable one.


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I'm alone writing in the dark, planning to plots of my life. Pieces of Stuff coming in and out. So many things I wanna do but limited knowledge. Yeah, we're on internet days so I could get some basic tools with this but I don't know where and how to start. Even this shitty blog post I'm writing, this doesn't have a good start.

A night owl will always be a night owl, I feel comfy when no one is watching me, so don't dare to know who I am, you'll be failed for sure. I would want to keep my personality a silent one. I don't feel like I can voice out what's on my mind if someone's knowledge about the real me, so let's just keep playing hide and seek.


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You don't need to know the real me, I won't post pictures of myself tho. But I'll let you imagine how I look like. Just imagine a young lady (well, not that young) I'm in my late 20's, nearly 30's age. I guess I'm old, old enough to handle things but things fell out of place every time. I really am clumsy with my life, that's why I'm living with the what if's. 


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Fantasies on my mind, living the world I want, perhaps writing what I want in my life? I'm single, guess if it's true? Yeah, I am single. Pretty much single for years but I've been chatting with this specific guy, outside my country. Oh I forgot to tell you where I came from, right? Just don't dare to ask, I won't tell you anyway. So let's just jump on my "guy". So basically, you get what I mean, Just don't judge my avatar, I am a lady, you know? 

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We've been chatting for nearly 3 years already, and yeah, we've got an official relationship last September this year. But after that, we seldom talk. I mean it's not used to be. All has changed a lot after that "September" or after so many arguments or that "distance"  issues. Yeah, we're miles and miles away. And he thinks it's impossible for us to meet each other which I think is quite possible actually if we both have the guts to finally close the distance. Stop thinking what if's but instead thinking of ways on how we could be together. 


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That's different story anyway, I will let you know about "our" story on my succeeding blogs. 


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