A sincere Teardrop :')

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They were surprised, dumbfounded. When they saw each other years after they'd departed. The instant reaction was an unconditional smile. All the fights they had, all the reason they fought for, all the lies, the cheating, everything kept fading away as their smile was getting broader. And within seconds, the only thing left in their hearts and mind were the good memories. The bright days they'd had together.

She could see a beautiful woman walking beside him. She knew what it meant. They both knew, they had moved on, they had spouses, had families. And they didn't regret it at all. It could have never been any better.

He couldn't resist and approached her before she even realized.

Him,"hey how are you doing?"

Her,"Oh Hi! I'm doing great. What about you?"

(smile broadens) "This is my wife, Hope"-(turns to Hope) "Hope! Angel, a very old friend of mine"

And she didn't object on his choice of words. However she knew the only thing they could never be was "FRIENDS".

Hope: "nice to meet you, (smiles), You must be a very old one for he prefers avoiding most of his friends", she says teasing her husband.

He laughs at this. They way he looks at her, with love and respect. Angel needed that, she always wanted this look. But she just wasn't meant to be his HOPE.

Her: "yeah it's been years we haven't heard from each other, I found it strange how he recognized me after such a big patch of time".

She remarks his memory as if she can see through him and she knows which one of the moments is he recalling. And he nods as if he's saying " you're right, i didn't forget, i just never could" with a bright smile.

"You look the same, that's why i knew it's you", he assures her, though it was not necessary they both knew.

A kid comes running towards Her.

"Mommy look! I found the angels they're right there up on that tree, Mommy Come ask them about Daddy. Ask them. When will Daddy come back. Come on talk to them"

"Oh that's my boy! OK. I'm coming in a moment you keep an eye on the angels while i say my goodbyes. Go. Quickly"

And she returns to them saying, "That's Ali my son. He's always chasing birds believing they're the angels who know where his father is, hoping he can see his father one day"

Her tone is so normal like she has never been in trauma. she was smiling like She never cried for her loss. Like there wasn't ever a time when she blamed the whole world for her loss. He knew She was normal because it was too late, She wasn't herself anymore. May be she was gone long ago. There was a strange silence in the air as if the nature was apologizing for her loss, her loneliness.

"He seems a good boy" is all he can say, trying to deny the rest.

"oh we're sorry for your loss" His wife quickly says and Angels smiles in an understanding tone.

"ok you enjoy i gotta go or else Ali won't let me sleep tonight if i don't talk to his angels"

"Sure", he smiles, "Take care of yourself" he requests.

"You too", She is still pretty normal. She knows it's bothering him by now.

They turn to their own paths. They depart again. But this time, she is the one smiling.

And He, of course he didn't cry. Why would he? He never cried. It's something else running down his cheek, it's a memory perhaps. A sincere memory of the last time they departed.

Give Love, Respect, Loyalty and Appreciation to those who Love you, Don't let yourself Regret The Gone Times in Future.


Keep smiling. Good luck.

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