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Hello, I am SSAhmed, and I have been using this website (bitlanders.com) for 3 months. Today, I am going to tell you very simple and easy ways to earn money through this website. It is not very hard to earn money, but only if you work hard you will achieve your goal.

Bitlanders is an amazing website, which pays your for doing what you always do on Facebook. In this blog, I am going to answer few questions which confuses the users. If you are new to this website, the first thing you should do is go to settings option on top left corner, and go to FAQ's,



Next thing you should do is, left click the dropdown, and choose the category you are having confusion in,

FAQ itself will probably clear your confusions regarding buzz score.

Now, how can you increase your buzz score?, and how can you earn decent amount of money through this website?

There are four ways to earn good on bitlanders.

1) Write a Microblog

2) Write a Blog

3) Add a Photo Gallery

4) Upload a Movie


In above four, the easiest one is writing a Microblog. So, lets start with Microblog.


Writing a Microblog is very important, and it is very easy to write a Microblog.

What can you write in 'Write a Microblog' section?

You can pretty much share anything, any thoughts you have or any suggestions, and you can also upload pictures in this section. Alphabet limit is 160, by staying under this limit you can use it for anything.


I usually post famous quotes, in this section, but you can use it for anything.

In image below, the red square is showing the alphabets or numbers you can use in one Microblog.


Write A Blog: 

Writing a Blog is most important to boost your Buzz score. If you are good at writing, you should definitely try writing a Blog. Writing a Blog and submitting a blog for review, increases your buzz score ,your direct powerups and also give you gems for next blog. Gems, and direct power ups depends on the quality of your content, and the stars you get on your blog.



(To prove the point, this small paragraph is taken from the FAQ's section)

Why should I submit my content for review?

Creating high quality content and submitting it for review is the best way to achieve a significant boost to your Buzz Score. One well written post is worth more than ten thousand spammy comments.

(To prove the point, this small paragraph is taken from the FAQ's section)

For Blog posts:

- Only English submissions will be accepted

- Submitted posts must be written in proper, well formed and well formatted English

- Submitted posts must be original

- Submitted posts must be exclusive and can not be present anywhere else on the web

- Submitted posts must be tagged accurately


Few points I think you should focus on:


  •  Don't copy blogs from the Internet.
  •  Write Orignal content.
  •  Use decent amount of Images and Videos (you can take Images from Google, and videos  from Youtube)
  •  Use tags, and make sure the tags you are using are directly linked to the blog.


Bitlanders is one of the best website for Bloggers, and Bloggers can easily earn decent amount of money using there writing skills.

Add A Gallery:

In this section, you can upload your pictures, and you can also submit them for review, and get rewards. For your ease I am posting some rules below, these rules are taken from FAQ section,

For galleries:

- Submitted galleries should follow a theme

- Submitted galleries must contain more than 5 images

- Submitted galleries must be tagged accurately


Yes, you can always make movies for buzz bonus. Movie makers can also earn decent amount of money through this website. The rules for Movies and blogs are same. 

Few bullet points taken from FAQ,s section,

For movies:

- Upload meaningful content

- Upload high quality movies(picture and sound)

- Present your movie well by writing an exhaustive synopsis and choosing a related image as a poster 

- Do not plagiarize content from the web or other bitLanders users

- Make sure you use accurate and related tags.


Few tips for Beginners:

When I joined this website, I didn't know what gems are for, and I used all of them on promoting my content. Promoting a content is not bad, but is not very useful, submiting your content for review is useful, so don't do such mistake, and use your gems only for reviewing.


Things to Avoid:

Asking for Buzz:

Asking for buzz is bannable offense, you can be banned for buzz and sub comments.


Spamming in global chat is also bannable offense.

What is Spamming?

Sending a same message several times to different users is called Spamming. Writing a same text in different microblogs is also bannable offense, and can lead to a permanent ban.


 Bitlanders Shop:

If you look up on, top left corner you see a shopping cart, and if you click on it, a page open, and you can select anything you like, and you want to have with the money you have earned through hard work. You can buy clothes for you'r avatar to make it look cooler, or donate money, and you can also buy gems with daily earnings. 

 Bitshop, is divided into three categories.

1) BitFashionista.

2) BitCharities.

3) BitGoodies.


In this section, you can buy clothes for your avatar to make it look coolers and better. If you buy an item saying '+3 buzz for 7 days' or '+1 buzz for 3 days' you get 1 temperorary buzz for the time mentioned.





2) BitCharities:

In this section, you can choose your favorite charties, and you can donate the money you earn through work. 

You can also buy T-Shirts, to promote your favorite Charitable Organization.



In this section, you can buy gems for your blogs, and you can use gems to buy clothes, change your avatar, and promote or review your blogs. If you buy any amount of gems from BitGoodies, you get tempeorary buzz for the listed time.


 ((This is all, I hope this blog helped you, and you found it helpful, good luck))

 ((Images and videos are taken from google and youtube))


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