A "square" with 1 side equal to zero to mimick a triange is not a "square" people

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OK, so I like to read Did You Know Gaming. I came across this and there was something that annoyed me from a math perspective. See if you can find it.

The part where it says "were actually squares with the length of 1 side set to zero," is what irks me.The post incorrectly refers to quadrilateral as "squares with 1 side with a dimension of zero to imitate triangles." Now as a bit of a math geek, that statement is mathematically wrong because "a square is a 4 sided shape with sides of equal length and 4 right angles." The shape described is has neither "4 sides of equal length" nor "4 right angles," so I corrected it in saying "a quadrilateral with 1 side of size zero."

Now I have people saying "nu uh, it's a square with 1 side of size zero because the saturn couldn't handle triangles." I even go into explaining that "a quadrilateral has the prefix of 'quad' meaning '4' and 'lateral' meaning 'sides,' and explain that all squares are quadrilaterals but not all quadrilaterals are squares."
But I still get "you're stupid, it's a square with 1 side of zero to trick the saturn into thinking that the triangle is a square."

Pick up a geometry book for once in your life. A "quadrilateral" is not the same as a "triangle" and a square is a shape with 4 sides of equal length that meet at 4 right angles. That is the most basic definition of a square there is.

If you want to read the actual exchange, click here. Look for the "Pokematic" user.

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