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It’s a well known quotation that” opportunity  knocks the door of every person once in life.”

It means that there is a particular time for particular work. The people who know the significance of time, they carry out specific work on specific time and protect their present and smooth their future.

A good plan can be helpful for whole life. In our society we can see that due to lack of planning people usually face problems. The people who have given birth to six/seven children before 10/15 years ago now they are lamenting on their bad decisions. This is because of lack of planning in a particular time. Before 10/15 years everything was available at cheap rates but now days it’s very difficult to fulfill the needs and demands of a single child. The people who predicted about future and made an appropriate decision while giving birth to 2/3 children now they are living a satisfactory life.

Significance of time can’t be denied by anyone therefore we must repair something as it is damaged as soon as possible  because it will be lesser and cheaper repair otherwise ,we will have a much bigger and expensive repair. E.g. cancer  is fatal disease. If it is cured in its initial stages of occurrence it can be cured while facing less financial problems. If it exceeds its initial stages, there are only 10% chances for the survival of a person. A stitch in time has a great importance in a student life. If a student take sagacious a prudent decision and make commitment with him/her self to work hard throughout the year he will never ever stuck in difficulties at the end of the year because he has stitched the time and utilize his time with his full potential. On the other hand a student with no constitution and no management will always find the sword of failure dangling on his head.

In the nutshell, I can say that it’s very important to take decisions on right time.