A superb marketing letter (Part 1)

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I receive the following marketing letter.  I must say that this is a superb marketing letter.

If I can write like this, I would have become a multi-billionaire long ago.

This is a marketing letter for astrology reading in the form of tarot reading.  Of course, it is not free of charge.

Enjoy, and hope you learn to write like this:

(note: the letter is very long, so I split into 2 parts)


This is a private message.

Your neighbors, your friends and acquaintances do not receive it. Read very carefully every word from beginning to end. Considering how EXPLOSIVE this Secret is, you will not receive any other e-mail on this matter.

Yes, what I am about to tell you, is true happiness: the exclusive invitation to be part of the privileged circle of people who have access to the source of unlimited abundance!

By what kind of "miracle" could you get this much? And why YOU in particular?

I know that your daily life is not easy - and that it brings you a lot more problems than joys. But I see that something positive is about to happen in your magnetic field (aura). I see positive vibrations which could very well turn your life upside down with, at stake, the possibility to have access to a world that you do not know yet.

Yes, major changes are currently taking place all around you. And indeed I am 100% convinced that these changes are related to money, wealth, and fortune!                              

However, to get the answers and the precise indications on such vital matters, you must be admitted in the extraordinary world of the Millionaires Tarot.    

The Tarot of the elite and the powerful of this world can finally enable you to live in happiness, luck and abundance?  I sincerely believe that IT CAN!!

Because this one of a kind draw not only forecasts what tomorrow will be made of but more than anything it shows you the path to follow!

Exceptionally, I am allowed  – for a very limited time- to propose the secret draw of the Millionaires Tarot to a few people whom I have personally selected.

I have the great joy to announce that you are one of them!  Why you? Because I have felt that a great financial change is about to come in your life and that you are currently at a crossroads!

Yes, I am convinced, TOMORROW YOU CAN BE RICH!

The secret draw of the Millionaires Tarot is a unique support of magic divination. I have been initiated to its secrets by the Grand Master … who officiates in Rome, in the corridors of the Power of the Vatican (I cannot tell you his name, since I have made the oath to never reveal his identity).

This mysterious Secret Draw, I have taken the vow to do it for an extremely limited number of people who are already wealthy or about to become wealthy!

However the exception proves the rule and I have obtained a special exemption. I spoke in your favor to the Grand Master and I convinced him that you deserved to be one of the privileged people who come once a year to consult the Millionaires Tarot.

Thanks to the Millionaires Tarot, the wealthiest people receive fabulous predictions that enable them to keep their fortune and to make it grow even more!  

For you it will be "THE" ultimate guide which will show you the direct path that leads to fortune.  Would you like to be able to make all your wishes, which money can buy, come true?

For the motto of the Millionaires Tarot could be this one:

Ask and you shall receive!

Of course, this is only a preview of what you might have, you too! For there will be not limit to your requests, as far as it is a matter of wishes concerning what money can buy!                               

YES, if you reply before midnight, you can really buy EVERYTHING, win EVERYTHING, get EVERYTHING. Thanks to the Millionaires Tarot, you can for the first time in your life become rich!

You see, a few weeks ago I suddenly thought of all these people that I had to help, people who, like you, need some kind of help to get back on the right track which they should never have left ...

It is then that suddenly I had the idea to reveal in priority the Millionaires Tarot to a few people who are fated to become rich but who do not know it yet!

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