A superb marketing letter (Part 2)

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The marketing letter continues:

“According to my long personal experience, these people, once rich would be so happy in their lives, they will thank their lucky star and do a lot of good around them.

So I decided to ask for a special exemption and then to find and contact the few people who would be worthy to receive the revelations of the Ultimate Tarot which leads straight on the path to fortune.  I know that these selected individuals will be able to live until the end of their life without any worry whatsoever.

Instinctively, I knew that if there was a person in the world who deserved a better life, it was you! Was it pure chance or should we see something else in this? What truly matters is that I saw your face, there, in front of me!                         

Since I'm inherently curious, I telepathically contacted your energy to check if you were really one of these few people worthy of having the favors of the Millionaires Tarot.                       

Well, now I can tell you YES, you are eligible to receive your share of the wealth of this earth.

This is the reason why, today, you are getting this message, because it is my honor and joy to inform you that you can enjoy the fabulous powers of the Millionaires Tarot in order to realize all your desires and hopes, even the most expensive ones.                                            

Here is what you must do:

First and foremost, you must know that the Millionaires Tarot does not require from you any particular gift, even if, at the time when I established a connection with your personal energy, I felt vibrations that were very close to the gift of clairvoyance and mediumship.  This might not come as a surprise to learn that it seems to me that you have an unknown gift of clairvoyance which you should develop.

Is this also the reason why I intuitively knew that you needed to enjoy the Millionaires Tarot before all others?                                                         

It is more than likely. Be that as it may, all that you have to do now to reap the benefits of this new opportunity it is to choose 4 cards among the one that are shown to you (it is the draw that I have set aside for you, since you are at the gateway of wealth).

For this choose 4 cards at random and you will receive your printout of the Millionaires Tarot within 48 hours. I give you my word!

The magic cards of the Millionaires Tarot will speak to you very soon and will let you discover the hidden side of your life. More than just cards they are of true guides that will lead you straight to wealth.

Yes, I say to you loud and clear: when you'll have chosen YOUR magic cards, your life will change. You'll be living on the right side of the tracks!

Now, you know that you are going through the most important moment of your life. For the first time, you have in your hands the SECRET that can make you extremely rich!

Believe me, the life of wealth and abundance is a whole new world to which you'll adapt very quickly. Have no doubt, I know that that you will enjoy it. Money, love, success and luck will always be on your side and everything that you wish for will be part of your daily life.

I really want you to be happy and this is the reason why I'm giving you the key to your wealth.

In the revelations of your Millionaires Tarot draw you will find the valuable information for your wealth to come true.  There you will find the secrets kept until now for the Elite of this world and you will learn the shortcut which will lead you to your new happiness.

Get ready to also discover stunning revelations on prodigious invisible forces that will be able to help you with this, and to make your life a real enchantment!

I hereby command that Happiness, Luck and Money be AT LAST part of your life. This is the reason why I offer you the power to program your own fortune thanks to the magical powers of the Millionaires Tarot!

You might object that money is not your ultimate goal. Nevertheless, I "know" that the fortune which vibrates currently in your aura will condition your future happiness. That is why, as soon as I receive your reply, I will proceed immediately to the reading of your secret revealed codes. The draw of these strange cards is deemed so effective that you should see the first signs of change a few days after receiving the oracle.

Since I have taken the decision to reveal the secret of the Millionaires Tarot to make you rich, I won't change a thing, it is just written in your destiny!  You are now on the road that leads straight to fortune and happiness! All you need to do to take advantage of this is to reply as soon as possible and to trust me as I trust you.

I really count on you and I look forward to send you the draw of the 4 magic cards of the Millionaires Tarot.

With my most sincere friendship.

Your friend, ready and willing to help you”


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