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I have been fortunate to meet Fred Sweet many months ago through email and phone conversations, and finally in person at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival which he masterfully produces in sunny SoCal. Fred is also the producer and curator of the Fashion Film NetworkThe LJFFF was one of the most important events I attended this year personally and professionally. 

Fred is an authority, or as Film Annex's "YOUR BUZZ" program would term, a Thought Leader in the Fashion Film market. This would entail everything connected to the genre including who the filmmakers are, the brands and designers who are embracing their work, the technology being used, the styles in play (or being overused), strategies for social media, the models and actors being cast, and the too numerous other variables that equate to Fred's thought leadership.

With this introduction to Fred, I invite you to head to the LJFFF WebTV to see the numerous director interviews and click on the links below for the blogs he has just recently posted. They are very relevant and should add a great deal of value to all filmmakers. 

How to Become a Fashion Film Director (It's not easy, but what is that's worthwhile?)


Why Your Next Fashion Film Will Probably Flop! (and how to avoid it)


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