A time you wanted something and it belonged to someone else

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A time you wanted something and it belonged to someone else 

People who don’t have a certain thing or object and see it in the hands of someone else they get jealous of that person wishing they had that thing. They start hating that person for no reason at all whoever he may be. That is a kind of thing that happened to me.

I don’t like to ask for money from my parents it’s just the fact that they have done so much for me so it feels wrong to ask for money from them even though they will give it to you happily. If they give it to you themselves that is another thing. That is just the way I feel. There was one thing that I wanted for myself that I really wanted. It was a computer laptop.

But the price was too high for me. I started to save money for it. I started saving every bit of penny I had. From my pocket money or lunch money. Even the money I earned in the summers. Finally the day came when I had enough money to buy that Laptop. But what I didn’t know that this certain laptop was good selling in the stores that the price was now doubled and only the ones that had a lot of cash that it didn’t matter to them. I felt hopeless that I would not get that laptop now. But then a ray of hope appeared. Before doubling the price they were going to keep the original price for one more day just to clear the last stock out. So I went to the store. It was a massacre as it looked like all of town wanted that laptop. By the time I got there were only a few left.  Finally it was my turn but a man pushed in front of me and took the laptop. I complained to that person and the shop keeper. The shop keeper said that it was not his problem. The guy smirked and walked away.

i met my friend earlier that day and he was bragging about that new laptop he got. And he tried to rub it all over my face saying that you didn’t get it and I did. I almost got into a fight with him. Whenever I saw someone with that laptop I started to hate right away. but then I bought I laptop that was almost as good as the one I wanted. So I learned my lesson.

You should always be content with what you have we should not go running after things that we don’t. We should always thank god for all that he has given us. We should always be thankful and should not cry over stuff that we don’t have. Maybe God has another thing planed out for us or if that something you want was not good for you so God prevented you from getting it. It may be anything from a mobile phone to even an admission in a university. We should not be sad over the stuff we could not get.

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