"A total Solar Eclipse in 2016, in Indonesia"

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"A total Solar Eclipse in 2016, in Indonesia"

On Wednesday, 9 March 2016, Indonesia became the only country with a land traversed a total solar eclipse (GMT). These events made Indonesia became the center of world science. Which is a rare event that can only be seen within 40 years. You can imagine, The day suddenly became dark as night. However, in the world of astronomy is phenomenon that is very spectacular to do research.

The phenomenon of solar eclipse can't be viewed directly without supporting tools such as glasses that were designed specifically for reducing the absorption of incoming solar energy to the retina. However, the total solar eclipse this time very safe on the eyes,because the eclipse will happen is a total solar eclipse that is 100 percent covered by moon. So it is save for the eyes. A total solar eclipse has several phases, there r phase ring solar eclipse, crescent, and a partial solar eclipse.in these phase are not recommended viewed directly without support tools. After entering the stage of a total solar eclipse then it is allowed to see.

Solar eclipse occurs when the moon is between the sun and the earth, so the shadow of the moon falls into the earth's surface,causing the earth became dark because there is no sunlight. In this fact, indonesia is located at equator had several time crossed by a total solar eclipse. However the solar eclipse can be observed from the region crossed by the shadow umbra moon.

These are the location of a total solar eclipse :
1. North pagai - western sumatra
2. Palembang - south sumatra
3. Tanjung pandang - Bangka belitung
4. Palangkarya - central kalimantan
5. Balikpapan - east kalimantan
6. Palu - southeast sulawesi
7. Ternate - north maluku
8. Maba - north maluku

Here some facts about the total solar eclipse:

1. The total solar eclipse occurs only in indonesia.  Other areas are in the pacipic Ocean. At this time the shadows covers an area of 100-150 km only in 11 provinces. Other indonesia regions will experience a partial eclipse. Indonesia western region occured at 07.30 in western indonesia time (wib), Central indonesia at 08.35 in central indonesia time (Wita), Eastern region at 09.50 at eastern indonesia time (Wit)

2. This solar eclipse is not the first time this happened in indonesia. These phenomenon have occured in 1983,1988, and 1995 but in 2016 was the first time 21st century. The next solar eclipse will pass over the archipelago in 20 april 2023.

3. Total solar eclipses are rare events. There's only happen of 18-19 year. These pattern corresponding to the period of cycle saros eclipse. Based calculation will occur only about 300 years in one area.

4. Test Einstein's Theory
Eclipse that occured in indonesia is also of concern to scientist in the world. This rare event also provides an opportunity for researchers to conduct some research on solar physics or general physics. " They want to to prove THE THEORY of RELATIVITY EINSTEIN, that object can bend light". When the sun is closed, then the strs around the sun slightly shifted. And there will be changes in animal nights behaviour. This eclipse is very important as a means of public education.

The total solar eclipse was to be seen. But let us not forget that the evidence of the power of Allah SWT. And dont forget to raise the takbir, the eclipse prayer and charity.

Here are some picture of Solar Eclipse.

People watch a solar eclipse outside the planetarium in Jakarta. Photograph: Garry Lotulung/Reuters

Here is vedio of Solar Eclipse.( what is Solar Eclipse?)
vedio source :. Youtube.com

Here is vedio of Solar Eclipse in 2016, in Indonesia
(vedio source: youtube.es)


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