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Me,my friends and my brother decided to visit the a place which is not much seen in our village area.So we went out to visit that place on friday past week most recent.Actually its a dam that is built in 70's when my father was of my age at 26.Its a small dam it has a vast area surrounded to it.My father says that,me and my parents did some kind of labour in to built that dam.

so we taken our bikes out.we reach to the place in 30 minutes man its a very quite place to be in out of the city life with full joy alone with the water and the open blue.

I have taken some of the pictures but its not of that quality but its an effort i hope so would let you people satisfy in that regard.Here are some of the pictures.

This is me.


This is my younger brother in the pic,It was hot day and the sun was shinning briskly in noon looks like the summer season has started.

This is one of my friend and also the neighbour who insisted to go to a cool place like that.this place is awesome and a good place to be in and very superb place for a picnic.

This is another one with the glasses on the face he also my friend a very nice person.

Actually this is place embaded with the pipes is called the lock door area from where the door are locked or open to get the water out if any emergncy the water is rose up in the dam.

Now there is also a place for water to go out for any reason if the water level is high in the dam called the spell way to split the water in different ways.

here are some more pics.

But overall its was great experience to the great place where you fell joy and happiness of life the real one necessary for the life.I hope you consider it.the bitlader team.


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