A Visit to AVP Function Hall

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A Visit to AVP Function Hall

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Image Credits: AVP Catering via Facebook


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Being invited to speak in an activity or a gathering is a great honor for me. I mean, I don't consider myself as a good speaker and being invited to some events would sometimes make me think that "perhaps others are just too busy so they invited me instead." There are also times when I want to decline an invitation but my husband wouldn't buy that idea. He would always advise me to take the invitation no matter how busy I may be or how far the location was unless it would be for health reason. The fact that I was invited, the host believe that I am the most appropriate individual for that activity. 

This time, it was my husband's cousin who wants me to be the emcee for the surprise birthday celebration of his mother. The last time I've been an emcee for a birthday was my mom's surprise birthday event. Well, if this would be my destined career, I guess I need to practice more and be very serious about it. What do you think my friends?

Well, anyway my post would be about the place where the activity was conducted and let me set aside the speaking activity as I might discuss it in my succeeding blog posts. Going back, the activity was a surprise birthday celebration of my Aunt Choleng, Lyndon's mother who turned 80 yesterday. 

I was fortunate that I received an order to attend a Gender and Development related meeting at the regional office during the day, so it means I don't need to travel and I can be at the venue before the scheduled time for the event. Added to my luck was that the meeting was adjourned earlier giving me time to check the activity area. 

I headed towards the stated venue in order to familiarize myself with the place and at the same time to talk with Lyndon, son of the celebrant and my husband's cousin. 

The Place:

AVP Hall is located at Imelda Roces Avenue(formerly Tahao Road),  Legazpi City. Just a few steps from the Tahao and Alternate Road intersection.

I guess I've reached the place earlier because Lyndon wasn't there yet neither his staff. But I decided to enter the place hoping to find someone who could give me some information related to the activity. 

Before entering the function hall, an old cart in front of the building caught my attention. Its classic design adds to the beauty of the place. I think they are using the cart for other occasions like a wedding to add more impact on the overall arrangement of the place.

Since this will be a surprise party, the party organizer did not add decorations at the entrance area. If you will come to the place, it seems that nothing is happening inside. 


 Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

But upon entering the main hall, I was mesmerized by the elegant design perfect for the birthday occasion. The Blue and white combination is stunningly beautiful. I was really impressed with the overall set-up of the place. 


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

The whole function hall can accommodate more than one hundred (100) persons. It was a large area Which can be used for any occasion. There were several instances before when our office had acquired the services of AVP Catering although in some other venues. I can say that their food tastes great. 


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders


Each table has been prepared exclusively for the occasion.  The blue and white balloons, lovely white lamp and candle on the center of each table have added to the exquisite design of the venue. The details were well-thought-of and complement to the overall arrangement. Can't help myself from admiring the excellent design idea of the event team. 

The next that I checked was the lectern which I will be using during the opening program. 


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

It was standing at the right side of the stage facing the audience. An elegantly designed glass lectern with a prominent AVP logo on the body will just be perfect for any event. 

The focal point of the venue was the simple yet elegant stage with a chair intended for the birthday celebrant. A simple birthday greeting was posted at the wall of the stage.


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

Of course, the birthday cake was already there just in front of the stage, which is a few steps for an easy access when the birthday celebrant has to perform the most awaited blowing of the candle.


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

It is a three-layered cake decorated with flowers in a variety of colors. On top of the cake is a silver colored number 80 which symbolizes a number of birthdays Aunt Choleng will be celebrating. A very rare accomplishment only a strong person could achieve. 

Almost everything has been prepared already except for the food which needs to be made available during the event. 

On the overall assessment of the place, I can say that AVP hall is one of the most affordable and good places in the city. 

Below is a video taken by the author, hope you like it. I am an amateur when it comes to photography and taking videos.


Video Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

That's all for today, my friends. Thank you for dropping by.

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