A visit to go to Cholistan (Rohi)

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Few days ago, we were playing a cricket match in a stadium.

Suddenly, a mind blowing idea came to in my mind. I suggested to my friend why not we go to Cholistan for fun.

One of my friend listen my idea he was agree with me. Because he was very found of it. So, he forced to all of friend and everyone was agreed with us. We have arranged bike and we are 8 friends go to rohi with some luggage of coking.We were going very fast. One of my friend drive fast with zigzag.

We are all worried about his driving. But Thanks to Allah we reached safely. we are divide in a two team and played the game of kabaddi.

My team were lost. But we were not worried because, we want to played game a volleyball.

In this game we were won.We were saw many camel. Now all of ours feeling tired and hungry.We made biryani it was very tasty. Everyone was demand it of more. After this, We were went to a garden. This garden was of my friend. He asked him eat anyone whatever do you want. Some friend eat Orange, someone eat apple.

After that, we made some picture in the garden. Everyone enjoyed this visit and planed that again came at same place at Eid ul adha. we picked orange and putted into the utensil. We were very happy and came back to our home.

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